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Have you always dreamt of being in advertising, you are creatively inclined and enjoy working with people? Or perhaps it is a new passion, and you want to test the waters. Denver Advertising’s internship could be a dream job, giving you an incredible opportunity for your future. As college students you take classes to gain knowledge for your future careers. Having an internship as a college student gives you hands on experience, which the classroom can’t offer.

Today’s job market is extremely competitive, and college students are asking themselves how can I get my dream job? Having an internship as a college student gives you the edge, which future employers are looking for. Explore this site, and if you like what you see, and want to start your internship, contact us at

Why Do An Internship?

Gain Experience

You have worked hard in school and excelled in your classes. This is great when trying to find an internship, such as this one. However, the real world experience is what will set you apart when future employers are looking for new hires. Taking what you have learned in the classroom and now having the opportunity to use these skills in the real world is a great opportunity. An internship with Denver Advertising is more then testing the waters, but you will be placed into real life situations. This is really our job, and you are getting the chance to see what could be your future. You will be learning by being hands on through each step of the marketing and advertising process. An internship is a great way to see what goes on behind the scenes and let you see try it out with out your real job being on the line. While we have high expectations for our interns we also understand this is new, and you are learning along the way.

Decide if Marketing and Advertising is Right for You

An internship is a safety net for college students. You get to see and experience the expectations, tribulations, and joys of working in a marketing and advertising agency. Who wants to go into a job they don’t enjoy, and be stuck there for 10 years hoping things change? An internship gives you enough insight to make sure you are doing what you will enjoy, or perhaps you will discover this isn’t right for you. The marketing and advertising industry is difficult and stressful, and not for everyone. Giving college students the chance to discover their passion, or realizing this isn’t there passion, is what we enjoy about our internship program at Denver Advertising.

Competitive Edge in the Job Market

What is a better feeling then being more then prepared for you first day of a new job? After being an intern with Denver Advertising you will be able to walk into an interview or even your new job with confidence. Having an internship as a college student allows you to develop your resume. After your internship with Denver Advertising you will have 30-50 projects, which you have directly worked on, to add to your resume. Working with a credible agency, Denver Advertising will ensure that you have a competitive edge compared to your peers, which will help you fast track your way to a job out of college. During these times that is the main concern as a college graduate, and having had this internship will put you a little more at easy.

Networking Opportunities

At Denver Advertising you will be working directly with clients, attending trade shows, and involved with prospective clients. Meaning your face will be seen, and you will have the opportunity to create connections. Networking is an important aspect in any field, and especially for marking and advertising. Not only will you have an impressive resume, but you will also have connections, which can lead to you getting a job out of college. Additionally the experience of communicating with clients and prospective customers will help you in whatever field you go into. Being able to listen, communicate, and then achieve a clients vision is experience you can only achieve from having a hands on internship with Denver Advertising.

What Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

Assist Account executives in day-to-day activities.

Attend and participate in client meetings, media training sessions, presentation, traffic meetings, and brainstorming sessions as directed.

Work closely with Denver Advertising management team to implement web-based PR, and marketing activities, including: Blogs, Tagging, Social networking, Viral marketing, Search engine marketing, and other forms of electronic communication.

Monitor blogs and websites, to identify opportunities for Denver Advertising.

Update and create client websites via WordPress.

Develop creative concepts for various campaigns.

Find relevant newsworthy articles for publication in social networking sites and websites.

Update and maintain Denver Advertising’s presence on social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Youtbe, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Respond to fan questions.

Finding fans and followers, creating buzz and leading discussions.

Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of campaign and website traffic.

Assist with the development and updating of media lists and other databases including: client, marketing, prospect, and administrative databases.

Create blast emails and newsletters for Denver Advertising as well as our clients.

Maintain tracking report of public relations activity.

Use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create Ad’s, direct mail pieces, etc.

And much more as new projects present themselves.

Skills You Will Gain

Writing: Your skills will be developed, and you will understand how to write specifically for marketing and advertising.

Organization & Time Management: You will learn how to juggle many projects at the same time.

Photoshop: You will learn how to edit photos to best suit the medium you are using.

Microsoft: You will be using these everyday and become a pro, if you aren’t already.

Social Networking: Almost every college student already knows how to use social networks, however you will now have a better understand how to use social networking to increase business and awareness for our clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is how we improve our client’s Google rating and improve searchable.

Taglines Slogans, & Logos: You will be apart of the creative processes helping branding clients. You will learn how to listen to clients, as well as develop a vision, which will help your client the best.

Copywriting: You will be doing a lot of website content, which will require you to creatively re-write ideas and concepts, which have been seen before.

And much more!


Must be a college junior or senior, on track for graduating; or one year out of college.

Have completed courses and earned grades to support an internship placement.

Studying in the areas of: Journalism, English, Marketing, Public relations, Graphic Design, or Web Design.

Must demonstrate professional and mature behavior.

Responsible and on time.

Can dedicate 8-12 weeks, 25-30 hours per week.

Good attitude ready to work hard, but still have fun.

Love for sushi doesn’t hurt!

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