Brand Development

Branding an organization or company is not a new concept. However, it is an incredibly important element. Consumers today have instant access to information at their fingertips. The consumer is savvy in their research of products or companies. Their expectations have risen and the bar set very high. For a company to play in this arena they must develop and execute a strong company brand. It must entice and captivate the prospect and reinforce your company or product to your current customers.

At Denver Advertising we have successfully assisted our clients in branding and re-branding their company. The brands we have created have helped communicate a strong image while building a strong internal company as well. The brands we have developed can be seen in the Denver market place and nationwide today. We have successful aided clients such as Mowatt Financial, Home Realtor, The Findability Group and more.

Logo Design Denver, Colorado

Denver Advertising has been adding buzz to logo design in Denver, Colorado one business at a time. Logos are the representation of a brand and the philosophies behind the company. The creative department at Denver Advertising is a cut above the competition in the business of logo design. We believe that proper logo design requires the consideration of many different facets. The logo you choose for your firm should always reflect your company in a unique and honest way. You always want to avoid too much detail in your logo, and make sure that it works well in black and white, one-color printing. Your company logo needs to be both scalable and artistically balanced. When creating a logo for your company, it is important to make sure that you do not combine any aspects of other popular logos with your own. At Denver Advertising, we always honor this principal by creating a unique representation of your firm with each of our executions in logo design.

Our creative department, lead by creative director Steve Schader, is loaded with diligence and experience. Mr. Schader has earned many awards for his talent in the realm of creative design. Two of these awards happen to be for logo design specifically. In 2000, Print Magazine awarded Mr. Schader with two certificates in design excellence. He received the first award for a logo he designed for Mile High Harley Davidson in Aurora, Colorado, and the second for the logo he designed for Old North Church in Boston, MA. Mr. Schader’s experience and knowledge in the field of logo design has positioned Denver Advertising very competitively against its competition in the field of custom logo design in Denver, Colorado.

The design of your firm’s logo is one of the most important aspects of your advertising. This is why it is extremely important that you consider the experience of the agency’s creative department when settling on a firm to design your logo. The color of your firm’s logo is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration, as different colors can be interpreted in many different ways. Red is a dominant color Red is a dominant color that attracts attention; in using red as a color in a logo the designer would be informing the consumer that the company or brand requires attention. Warm colors advance, cool colors recede and reduced tones of a specific color imply reliability: all can be used in the design and representation behind a logo.

At Denver Advertising, we take all of the above-mentioned details very seriously. We realize how important an appropriate company logo is for your firm. Advance the success and recognition of your company by letting Denver Advertising design your logo and develop a unique brand image for your company.

Brochures Denver, Colorado

At Denver Advertising we embrace the importance of a company’s brochure. In many cases, a brochure is one of the primary aspects that help create a company’s image. There are many different methods available to employ when deciding on what type of brochure is best suited for your firm. Before deciding on what type of brochure you want, you must answer a couple of different questions about your company. Are you trying to generate traffic in your business? If this is the case, you will want to create a brochure that screams for your customer’s attention. This type of brochure needs to have a big headline, strong visuals, a distinct call to action, and in many cases plays on the emotions of its readers. This type of brochure works to build interest and create desire for your products, and requires your customers to follow through by returning a coupon or physically coming in to visit your firm.

Another type of brochure design is one that is designed to deliver information to your customers who desire a more detailed description of what your business has to offer. Normally this type of brochure is most appropriate for customers who have contacted you with questions about your firm. Prior to creating your brochure, some questions about your firm must be answered. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want new customers to come to your store, or do you just want to provide current customers with information.

Once you have identified the goal of your company’s brochure, you must write appropriate content. A very important thing to remember about a brochure is that it is for the customer and its purpose is to sell. The content within your brochure is extremely important to your businesses image; therefore a lot of thought is required in this step of the brochure design. The content on the front of the brochure should lend emotional appeal to the reader. This can be achieved through the use of a provocative question. This is very important because approximately 80% of people who handle a brochure do not open it unless they are prompted to do so by a compelling statement on the brochure’s cover. The content within the brochure should also avoid presenting the reader with decisions to make. For example, words like “if” and “maybe” should always be avoided. Brochure content should also avoid open-ended questions. The only questions that should be asked are those that the reader will answer with “yes, that’s me.”

Our staff at Denver advertising has over 20 years experience in custom brochure design in Denver, and we take all of the above-mentioned guidelines very seriously. We provide businesses with highly affective brochures that provide emotional appeal, appropriate content, and persuasive calls to action. Let Denver Advertising design your company’s brochure and help you grow your business.

Print Advertising Design Denver, Colorado

Print advertising design in Denver, Colorado is one of Denver Advertising’s specialties. Print advertisements can be very powerful and have the potential to reach enormous numbers of your target audience if they are executed correctly. It is very important that you follow some important guidelines when designing a print ad for your company. This is why it is always best to consult a professional when you are designing one for your company.

When creating a print advertisement, the first thing that needs to be decided is what your communication objective is. A communication objective is what you want your audience to gather from exposure to your ad. This is perhaps the most important aspect of your print advertisement design, because if this guideline is overlooked, everything that follows will be skewed.

Once you have properly identified the communication objective of your advertisement, you must then identify who your target audience is. If your target audience is not identified, you will be unable to successfully reach the right people, and much of your efforts will be wasted. If your targeting high-income earners, and your message is not parallel with their style of interpretation, you will fail to receive any sort of response from your audience.

The format of your print advertisement is also an extremely important aspect to consider when designing your advertisement. If your ad is going to be a poster, the format of its design is going to be much different than if your attempting to design then it is going to look much different than if your designing a tiny box to run in the corner of a newspaper page. One type is never better than the other however, a small box in the corner page of a newspaper page can be just as effective as a large banner ad as long as its message is clear, and properly targeted.

Next, you want contemplate the concept of your ad, which is the underlying creative idea that delivers your message. Typically, the concept will be the same in all of your ads from one medium to another. The concept is extremely important because it will appear and reappear in all of the ads within your campaign across all different types of mediums that you chose to use.

Lastly, you want to be sure to section your copy by properly inserting subheads. If you have lots of copy it is a really good idea to insert subheads. This will make your ad more organized; appear to be more inviting, and much easier to read.

At Denver Advertising we take great pride in our unmatched creativity and effectiveness in print advertisement design in Denver, Colorado. Let Denver Advertising design your print advertisement campaign, and help your business grow.

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