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The website has evolved into what seems the number one tool used to reach out to new customers. Staying on top of a website can be an incredible task, constantly updating information, improving the look, adding or subtracting pages and changing the mobility of the site are daily reminders to our clients and us that a companies website is one of the most important tools they have.

We handle simple website updates on a site that range from a phone number change to a new profile on an employee. More complex website updates can be made also. Taking your existing site and revamping it to improve the functionality of it, adding a contact form, adding a flash into, migrating your site into a WordPress design and more can all be achieved.

Conceptualization and website design is another service we offer. We can build your site from the ground up and host the site for you so you don’t ever have to worry again. We’ll take on the daily grinding task of your companies’ updates and questions. If you’re not local in Denver, Colorado no need to worry. We can work on your site regardless of your location. We invite you to challenge us with your website needs.

Pay Per Click Campaigns Denver, Colorado

Denver Advertising provides pay per click services to businesses interested in investing in paid online advertisements. We provide state of the art pay per click services in Denver, Colorado, as well as to businesses across the nation. Pay Per Click is an Internet advertising service that requires the advertiser to pay the host each time someone actually clicks the linked advertisement. This means that a company can have exposure on the Internet, but they only have to pay for the advertisement when a user actually clicks through rather than paying for the exposure alone.

Advertisers typically bid on keywords relevant to their target audience, and the amount of the bid depends on the cost per click amount or the CPC. The CPC is the amount an advertiser agrees to pay a search engine or other internet publisher for a single click on their advertisement which brings one customer to their website. PPC implements what is called an affiliate model that provides purchase opportunities wherever people may be surfing on the Internet. This model offers financial incentives to the affiliated partner sites, who in turn provide purchase-point click-through to the merchant. If the affiliate fails to generate sales, then it represents zero cost to the merchant.

There are many different PPC providers on the Internet, but the biggest network operators are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. All three of these PPC providers operate under a bid-based model. PPC advertising can be abused however through a practice known as click fraud. Google has actually implemented automated systems to help protect against abusive clicks by competitors or corrupt web developers.

There are two primary methods of determining what your cost per click is going to be for an advertiser. The first one is called flat rate PPC, which means that the advertiser and the publisher agree on a fixed cost that the advertiser will pay each and every time someone clicks on the PPC link. The flat rate model is very popular with comparison-shopping search engines, as they generally have rate cards associated with their services.

The second method of determining the cost per click rate is with the bid based PPC model. This method requires the advertisers to sign a contract allowing them to compete against other advertisers in a private auction hosted by a publisher or an advertising network. Each advertiser informs the host of the absolute maximum amount they will pay for a given ad spot.

Denver Advertising is considerably experienced in creating PPC campaigns. We have built PPC campaigns for companies across the nation, and watched them grow their businesses. PPC campaigns can be extremely helpful, and Denver Advertising is a very reputable firm in the business of pay per click campaigns in Denver, Colorado.

Website Design Denver

Website Design in Denver, Colorado at Denver Advertising has changed the appearance of many companies via the internet. Website design at Denver Advertising is designed so the website being created is different from other companies websites in the same arena. By differentiating the website design from others that company sticks out to the viewer drawing more traffic to that website.

Website design is a very important part of a company’s site. If the website is not interactive or attractive the viewer does not stay on the page for long. Finding vital information about a company quickly and easily is important to the viewer. Denver Advertising combines attractiveness, user friendliness and search engine optimization to provide a website design that it most beneficial to a company and its current and potential customers.

As one of Denver’s web design companies, we see a lot of different website design tactics and theories from all kinds of different web site designers in Denver. Here is what we have learned about website design. Most designers in Denver, are just that, designers, they are not sales and marketing people. So your website ends up looking nice, but not increasing sales. As website designers and being an advertising agency that focuses on increasing business, we create websites that produce results. So when you are thinking about your website and how it should be designed, spend some time with us and let’s process what the site needs to accomplish and talk about the numbers. That is where the rubber meets the road.

Visibility, content, usability and appearance are important parts of a website design. It is important that your website is found easily through a search engine. All content on your website should pertain to your company and its services and products. Although an abundance of content is great for search engine optimization, if your website is stuffed with content that does not relate to your company it looks bad to Google. Viewers will be upset and leave your website because the information does not answer their questions.

Usability is vital. The more user friendly your website is the more viewers will want to see it and explore. Keeping viewers on your website is the key to getting the viewer to buy your product or service. Consistency is essential to the appearance of your website. It is important to use a font that is on all computers like Arial or Helvetica. Using a font that is on all computers allows your content to appear the same on all computers and not be changed to fit a specific computer. When your font is changed the whole design of your website is changed. When the proportions and dimensions of your website are off the website is not attractive and sometimes does not function as it should. Elements like visibility, content, usability, and appearance should be a priority on your agenda when creating a website.

In a nutshell website design is a presentation of content that is made for an end user to view through the internet for convenience and easy access. Web design uses digital coding and a display technology to build and uphold a certain atmosphere to distribute information to multiple formats.

Not all website companies in Denver are the same. Most web designers design what they think looks good. At Denver Advertising, although we care what looks good, what we care more about is what works and gets the phones ringing or people coming in the door. Web designers get too caught up in what they think versus looking at the data that Google and other search engines provide. With back end statistics to help us make solid, qualified design decisions, you can be assured that your website will produce results.

Does your web site produce sales? Our primary focus at Denver Advertising when it comes to designing websites is simple,


When having someone or a company design your site, make sure they understand your company’s sales process so the site can aid in assisting the sale of your products or services. We have seen so many sites that look great and do nothing. Remember back in the 80′s when “kit cars” where cool. You couldn’t afford the Lamborghini , so you built a “kit car” and put in a VW motor. Same as a poor site, sure it looks good, but it’s definitely not the real deal!

Search Engine Optimization Denver, Colorado

Search engine optimization (SEO) at Denver Advertising in Denver, Colorado can increase your company’s ranking on search engines such as google, yahoo and bing. The search engine optimization tools used at Denver Advertising combined with the knowledge and understanding of how search engines rank websites makes Denver Advertising an ideal solution to your company’s success through search engine optimization.

As a search engine optimization company, Denver Advertising strives to improve your company’s google page rankings through the proper process that allows your company to meet the google requirements. Maximize the amount of traffic coming to your site through search engine optimization.

The search engine optimization process begins with an analysis of the company’s current page rankings. Our search engine optimization team then searches for other keywords that coincide with searches for companies similar to yours. By finding keywords that are similar to other websites in your industry, a list can be made that are will be most beneficial in increasing your company’s page ranking. Next the content, the companies HTML and the coding behind the website is edited so any obstacle in the way of the search engines indexing can be removed.

The search engine optimization service that Denver Advertising offers has been created and implemented to best serve the companies who are clients of ours. By increasing your company’s ranking using search engine optimization people using keywords specific to the industry of your company will be able to find your company quicker and easier. The higher your site ranks the more people will visit your site. Not only does search engine optimization increase your ranking it grows your company. By growing your company you will have an increase in new clients, current client usage, current sales and revenues as well as increasing your share of market. All of these allow your company to grow and expand both physically and financially.

Few companies can walk the walk and talk the talk in search engine optimization – this is a way our company differentiates itself from other advertising agencies. Denver Advertising has done research in search engine optimization and has already helped multiple companies improve their page rankings and increase traffic to their website which in return increases their sales and revenue

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