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Recently, Focus on the Family added Denver Advertising to their short list of agencies they will be working with in the future. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with such an established company as well as continue to spread the Gospel! Focus on the Family’s goal is to help families thrive. They do this by listening to husbands and wives and families that are struggling. As a ministry, they offer advice and resources to bless families. From guidance in parenting to activities to do as a family, Focus on the Family provides avenues to experience God’s love and restorative power. We are looking forward to begin working with them on special  projects in October!

Today the Denver Advertising Team had the opportunity to go down to KRKS 94.7 and listen in while Steven Reister and DJ Steven Kelly recorded a radio spot for Steel-T Heating and Air Conditioning. Steven Kelly definitely has one of the best radio voices around!  None of the new interns had ever had the chance to visit a radio station so it was a great learning experience and a good start to their second day. Be sure to listen to KRKS 94.7 for Steel-T’s radio spot in these upcoming weeks. Also, we’d like to give a shout out to Steel-T a family owned and operated company that has been around for over twenty years! Be sure to check out their website for helpful tips and summer deals.

You always here people complaining about how much ‘junk mail’ they receive (via the post office or their in-box) – which makes you think twice about using direct mail for your company. Don’t be scared, direct mail is powerful, profitable, cost effective, and best of all, IT WORKS!!

One of the biggest benefits of using direct mail for you company is that you specify exactly what you want to be said and who you want to target, and then only send it to those individuals.  For instance, direct mail can be targeted towards certain demographics such as age, sex, income, religious beliefs, ethnicity, geographical areas, family size, household type, and more.

Denver Advertising has doubled businesses throughout the years using direct mail. Direct mail advertising reaches an abundance of clients at lower costs than some other forms of advertising. Dollar for dollar, direct mail is still one of our favorite mediums for building your business.

What are you doing tomorrow night (Thursday 2/10/11 from 4:30-7 PM)? Come join the Denver Advertising crew at The Coral Room for our monthly Happy Hour! Have you been there yet? Well, if you’re anything like us here at Denver Advertising, we go bananas over amazing food. If you are looking for the best lunch, dinner and cocktails in Denver, look no further than The Coral Room. Another bonus is their killer happy hour menu (we recommend the ahi tuna stacks, mmm…). Besides the fact that The Coral Room has the best atmosphere in Denver, we support them because they came to Denver Advertising when they needed some assistance.

Denver Advertising came to the rescue when John with The Coral Room was looking for a local Colorado advertising and marketing agency to increase their business and foot traffic. Together we created an awesome website, and inspired the whole neighborhood to make The Coral Room their favorite spot in Denver. Go check them out, and don’t be surprised if you see Mike or Steve there. 🙂

Colorado baby! Do you love it? A good cold snowy day to hang out with family and just get got up with life. Yay!A little sign Denver Advertising in Denver Colorado created

Dear Michael ,

Because of your participation in our former free ticket program, we wanted you to know about our new SCFD 10 for $10 program. In order for cost not to exclude anyone who wishes to attend the theatre, we are lowering the starting price of our tickets to $10 — cheaper than a movie!

Every Tuesday a minimum of 10 tickets will be released at 10am for only $10 each to every Denver Center Theatre Company performance in the coming week. That’s a minimum of 210 tickets per week when all of our productions are in full swing. Plus, select Broadway and cabaret productions also will be offered based on availability.

As a proud recipient of funds from the Citizens of metro Denver’s Scientific and Cultural District, we are constantly reassessing how we can best welcome potential audience members. After careful consideration and consultation with the SCFD, we hope that you will agree that the SCFD 10 for $10 program:

gives you guaranteed seats
provides a reasonably-priced admission
allows you to bring your family or friends with 4 tickets per week

So come by our Box Office or call 303.547.3410* and use code SCFD to purchase up to four $10 tickets each Tuesday.

*A $3 service fee will be included in all phone orders.

See you at the theatre,
Randy Weeks

We were honored to have her greatness present. She is a very well known massage therapist and esthetician. If you are ever looking for a 16 year veteran, look her up – 303-463-6565.

Another Intern gone bad

If you read our blogs we are notorious for taking interns out………….and yes……the 80’s crowd can still not only keep up with the kids…..but make sure they get home safely ( and then rock’ on’).
Had a fun night at our monthly “Not so Sour Happy Hour”.

Mike Lash from Denver Advertising with intern