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It’s Christmas time, which means it’s time to spend with friends and family and yes, shop. And what does every little girl want……..American Girl…..and yes when you go into The American Girl store in Park Meadows, to get an American Girl doll in Denver, Colorado, you will be convinced that if you don’t buy the doll that day, your child will surely grow up to be a looser!
I swore I would never buy an American Girl doll for my daughter. It goes against my entire belief system and pontificates capitalism. But hey this is America, the greatest country in the world and darn it every house should have a roast in the oven and an American Girl in the hands of a little girl, so I’m told. I did what any normal Dad that has an amazing amount of conviction about excessive spending on items children will not even remember in 3 months would do—-bought the doll. I caved.
But, I did go across the way to lululemon and pick up a pair of sweats……hence the American Woman. Definitely different then the American Girl doll…….
Have a great Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving

As we wind down on this shortened week, we take a moment to reflect on the last 11 months and the things we’re thankful for.

It goes without saying, but we’re so thankful for all of our clients. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. We’re thankful for our friends and family; those we can be with and those we can’t. And last, but certainly not least, we’re thankful for God and His work in our lives and the opportunities we have to minister and fellowship with others.

And so now, before we all head our different directions for Thanksgiving, we release our first ever (but not annual):

10-ish Reasons We Love Thanksgiving:

1. Aside from a Las Vegas all-you-can-eat buffet, when else is it socially acceptable to eat a trashcan lid-sized plate of food?

2. Getting to spend time with family and friends.

2b. If you can’t spend it with family (or, don’t want to…) there’s always FOOTBALL!

3. Do you ever sleep better than the tryptophan-induced coma produced by consuming half your body weight in poultry?

4. That story your grandmother loves to tell, that you’ve heard 387 times is ALWAYS funnier the 388th time.

5. Playing a “friendly game” of touch football with that cousin that always has to take it to another level and tackle someone.

6. Avoiding getting “noogies” from that uncle that, no matter how old you are, remembers when you were ‘this high.’

7. The 9th Wonder of the World: “The Can-Shaped Cranberry Sauce” that goes UNTOUCHED, yet is consistently put on the table year after year.

8. Watching Uncle “Pull-my-finger” (every family seems to have one…) make an idiot out of himself. Again.

9. Turkey bowling. Yes. Turkey bowling.

11. The atomic bomb of all poultry meals: The Turduckin. For those who want to take holiday gluttony to that next level…

From all of us at Denver Advertising, to all of you, have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

Within the past few weeks, we created a new brochure for Interquest Dental Group located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The brochure appropriately called “Everything You Wanted To Know About Braces But Were Afraid To Ask” was designed by our Creative Director, Steve Schader with some direction by the owner of Denver Advertising, Mike Lash.
The text was sent from the client and Steve created an eight page saddlestitched (stapled) brochure featuring photos supplied by the client showing the Damon System. The brochure features subjects including – what you should know when considering braces, interceptive orthodontics, a braces survival dental kit, phases of wearing and taking care of braces, facts to know about your occlusal guard, and even includes a list of good and bad foods.
Denver Advertising received a call from the owner of Interquest Dental Group, Dr. Arnold who personally wanted to thank us for the quality of design and printing of their new Braces Brochure. She couldn’t have been happier with the results. The brochure was printed by a local Denver printer, Anaconda Printing. Denver Advertising is currently working on redesigning Anaconda’s website.
A couple jpegs below show the cover and an interior page of the new braces brochure.
Interquest Dental Group:
Anaconda Printing:

Happy Hour at The Coral Room

“Our first ever ‘Not So Sour Happy Hour’ turned out to be a success.” These are the words spoken by the owner of Denver Advertising, Mike Lash. On such short notice, we had around 10 people show up to our Happy Hour at The Coral Room located in the Highlands at 32nd and Lowell, just Northwest of Downtown Denver.

The Happy Hour which took place on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 was attended by a local screenprinter and the owners of the screenprinting company from Colorado Springs, a representative of the online company called Groupon, and a few other friends and clients of Denver Advertising.

John Nadasdy, the owner of The Coral Room, who is also a client of Denver Advertising, seemed delighted we were wanting to throw a happy hour at his place. The Coral Room is an upscale restaurant and bar with a neighborhood feel that serves dinner every night and now includes breakfast during the week and a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

The “Not So Sour Happy Hour” was concepted by the Creative Director at Denver Advertising, Steve Schader. Steve also came up with the quirky yet fun icon of a smiley sour face.

Denver Advertising plans to have the “Not So Sour Happy Hour” every first Thursday of every month for the next five months. So if you have a chance, stop by The Coral Room to say “Hi” to the employees of Denver Advertising and receive a ticket for a Free Drink. Yep, the first drink is on Denver Advertising’s tab. The next “Not So Sour Happy Hour” will be Thursday, December 2nd. Visit The Coral Room’s website: or click on the photo below.

Photo shoot at Blue Mist Salon in Denver Colorado. Mike Lash Photographer.

Check out the new logo flash intro from Denver Advertising

Free Lessons from the master. Steve Schader “Shady”, gives free lessons to any and all at local party downtown. You go!

Denver Advertising over the last few years is earning national recognition for their website design and search engine rankings for various clients across the nation. Recently, Denver Advertising grabbed two of the interns and went to the WordPress (or Word Press) camp in boulder Colorado. WordPress in their opinion is the most efficient, most comprehensive, easiest for a client, website programming available today. Plus, Google loves WordPress. Denver Advertising clients are receiving radical increases in their natural search engine rankings. This is great because Denver Advertising’s clients will not have to spend excessive dollars with Googles Pay Per Click (ppc) campaigns.

If you are looking for a website for your business that you can manage easily, have Denver Advertising switch you over to WordPress (or Word Press).

Below are a few photos with some of WordPress corporate guru’s.

At Denver Advertising, on our ride to work day, we believe that you see the world at the seat of your pants with two wheels and 88 cubic inches strapped between your thighs. Of course most moms don’t approve but then again moms go to parties that we are not sure what really happens. (inside joke with interns mom!)

A sweet ride after some wings.

The Future