Geofencing & Geotargeting

Back when we started out advertising in Colorado, you know, when the pioneers were here, it was easy to advertise to people by location because you could just plant a billboard right in the middle of their camp site, next to their wagon and call it good. Technology has advanced to the point where it is just as easy to target consumers by their location now. Utilizing people’s locations on their phone allows us to blow up their phones with ads as soon as they step into the geographic location that we fence off. So say they walk in to your competitors store, we can hit them with a bunch of your ads. Since phone chips connect to laptops nowadays, once they sync up to their laptop after passing through a geo-fence, we can then blow up their computers with ads as well.

Colorado Advertising

We’ll choose a strategic location within Colorado (or some other state) and create a fence around the area so that whenever someone passes through that fence, it’ll trigger your advertisements. Advertising has come such a long way and it would be silly to not take advantage of all the strategies that have been discovered.

Advertising in Colorado has been made so easy with this new tool. You can make sure that you’re getting ahead of the competition by targeting potential customers when they are in your competitor’s stores. We’ve been advertising in Colorado for over 25 years now and we know the market, and we know that geo-fencing has proven to be successful in beating out the competition.
Geo-fencing and beyond, we’re the agency you want to hire for all of your Colorado advertising needs.