Happy Hour at The Coral Room

“Our first ever ‘Not So Sour Happy Hour’ turned out to be a success.” These are the words spoken by the owner of Denver Advertising, Mike Lash. On such short notice, we had around 10 people show up to our Happy Hour at The Coral Room located in the Highlands at 32nd and Lowell, just Northwest of Downtown Denver.

The Happy Hour which took place on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 was attended by a local screenprinter and the owners of the screenprinting company from Colorado Springs, a representative of the online company called Groupon, and a few other friends and clients of Denver Advertising.

John Nadasdy, the owner of The Coral Room, who is also a client of Denver Advertising, seemed delighted we were wanting to throw a happy hour at his place. The Coral Room is an upscale restaurant and bar with a neighborhood feel that serves dinner every night and now includes breakfast during the week and a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

The “Not So Sour Happy Hour” was concepted by the Creative Director at Denver Advertising, Steve Schader. Steve also came up with the quirky yet fun icon of a smiley sour face.

Denver Advertising plans to have the “Not So Sour Happy Hour” every first Thursday of every month for the next five months. So if you have a chance, stop by The Coral Room to say “Hi” to the employees of Denver Advertising and receive a ticket for a Free Drink. Yep, the first drink is on Denver Advertising’s tab. The next “Not So Sour Happy Hour” will be Thursday, December 2nd. Visit The Coral Room’s website: http://www.coralroom.com or click on the photo below.

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