It's Bar-B-Q Season at Denver Advertising

If you know me by now, it’s all about the Q on the weekends. I think I have half our neighborhood signed up for the “eat free on Saturdays” from Mike’s backyard. Owning an ad agency in Denver, Colorado has it’s advantages. One, I get to work with some awesome clients like Lehres Fireplace and patio ( That’s important if you are a BBQ lover because they have the coolest grills in the universe. Yes, the pink pig is truly the way to go if you are into hot pink grills, but recently I picked up a Bradley Smoker, that I will put against any smoker around. Here is the neat part with both those products. You turn them on and then put your meat in and walk away for 6 hours, go ride your bike, play with the kids, whatever…. But you comeback looking like you slaved all day long. It’s amazing.

This past weekend, I started playing around with jalapenos. Wow! Got a little of my daughters pink sugar and Baaammm baby!

All I gotta say is the grill is always on and looking for a few takers.

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