At Denver Advertising we have worked with many different industries. We began to notice a trend among our client base. We started to obtain multiple clients in the industries of dentistry, food and beverage service, and paving. We grew in these areas from our expertise, which lead to multiple referrals. We developed The National Dental Advertising Association or The NDAA, The National Restaurant Advertising Association or The NRAA, and The National Paving Association or The NPA. Below are small overviews of what each company is about and what it has to offer. Please visit the full site for more information.

  • The NDAA: www.TheNDAA.com The National Dental Advertising Association was founded over eight years ago to assist both new dentists and seasoned veterans nationwide in their advertising efforts. We have found that most dentists don’t have time to create or manage productive marketing campaigns. Without continually marketing for new patients, it’s only a matter of time before your practice will start to see a decline. Many neighborhoods experience a 20% change a year in residency; that means 20% of your patients are not going to be your patients if they move outside their driving comfort range. We help eliminate both these problems by helping acquire new patients continually. We know what potential patients are looking for in a dentist and it’s not some canned look or a coupon stuffed in an envelope. Our Dent-A-Cards© are designed to express the doctors individuality and special skills. We then create precise geographic and demographic target mailing zones. This combination will assure your practice experiences tremendous new patient growth.
  • The NRAA: www.TheNRAA.com We have been creating Dine-A-Cards© for over three years and have learned that in order to bring in new customers, a proactive approach to advertising is vital to the success of any restaurant. Motivating customers to try out a new dining experience is a difficult and unique challenge for each restaurant. By distributing our attention getting Dine-A-Cards© to a targeted location, you will see a dramatic increase in your restaurant’s exposure, resulting in a full restaurant every night. We applaud your desire to learn more about our exclusive services at NRAA and encourage you to choose the program that best suits your restaurant’s needs.