Brochures Denver, Colorado.

Brochures Denver, Colorado

At Denver Advertising we embrace the importance of a company’s brochure. In many cases, a brochure is one of the primary aspects that help create a company’s image. There are many different methods available to employ when deciding on what type of brochure is best suited for your firm. Before deciding on what type of brochure you want, you must answer a couple of different questions about your company. Are you trying to generate traffic in your business? If this is the case, you will want to create a brochure that screams for your customer’s attention. This type of brochure needs to have a big headline, strong visuals, a distinct call to action, and in many cases plays on the emotions of its readers. This type of brochure works to build interest and create desire for your products, and requires your customers to follow through by returning a coupon or physically coming in to visit your firm.

Another type of brochure design is one that is designed to deliver information to your customers who desire a more detailed description of what your business has to offer. Normally this type of brochure is most appropriate for customers who have contacted you with questions about your firm. Prior to creating your brochure, some questions about your firm must be answered. Ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want new customers to come to your store, or do you just want to provide current customers with information.

Once you have identified the goal of your company’s brochure, you must write appropriate content. A very important thing to remember about a brochure is that it is for the customer and its purpose is to sell. The content within your brochure is extremely important to your businesses image; therefore a lot of thought is required in this step of the brochure design. The content on the front of the brochure should lend emotional appeal to the reader. This can be achieved through the use of a provocative question. This is very important because approximately 80% of people who handle a brochure do not open it unless they are prompted to do so by a compelling statement on the brochure’s cover. The content within the brochure should also avoid presenting the reader with decisions to make. For example, words like “if” and “maybe” should always be avoided. Brochure content should also avoid open-ended questions. The only questions that should be asked are those that the reader will answer with “yes, that’s me.”

Our staff at Denver advertising has over 20 years experience in custom brochure design in Denver, and we take all of the above-mentioned guidelines very seriously. We provide businesses with highly affective brochures that provide emotional appeal, appropriate content, and persuasive calls to action. Let Denver Advertising design your company’s brochure and help you grow your business.