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Internet advertising is the broad term we use to encompass all online marketing efforts such as SEO/SEM, social networking, pay per click, Facebook ads, banner ads, email marketing, etc. If you hire us to do your internet advertising, that means we could be doing a whole lot or just a little bit for you, if a small budget is all your company can dedicate to marketing right now.

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So why do we love internet advertising? Because it works. You can get so specific with targeting who will see your ads that money will not be wasted on people who wouldn’t want to actually buy your product. Internet cookies make it very easy for the Internet to know the likes and behaviors of people. Location, page history and everything will make it so easy to target your audience in Denver or beyond.

Let’s use an example to show how specific internet advertising is and how it can be much more cost efficient than traditional advertising. Say you were a local Denver company that makes golf putters and the goal of this campaign is to increase sales. You could buy advertising on a bus stop outside of the local PGA Superstore because you know lots of drivers will see it on their way to and from the store, but you’ve also spent a lot of money on the other thousands of impressions of people that are not interested in golf or the PGA Superstore and just pass it on their commute to work. So not super cost efficient. Well how about buying a local spot on the Golf Channel? That’s going to be a much more specific audience now because you know that in general anyone who watches the Golf Channel probably likes golf. That’s great, but not all people who watch golf like to play golf, you would think they do, but there are still thousands of wasted impressions on viewers who would prefer watching over playing. Okay, how about a full page ad in Avid Golfer Colorado? Only people who like to play golf would subscribe to that magazine, right? Right, most advertising agencies in Denver would say that, but you don’t know if they’re interested in buying clubs right now. They might have just bought a brand new Tommy Cameron putter to show off on the green to all their golf buddies. So let’s hit your target customer, one that’s ready to buy. We’ll target the guy who lives in Cherry Creek, visits, is always on the Cherry Hills website tee time reservation page and has been searching google for “top ten putters” and “best place to buy putter” for the past few weeks. Not only do you know that this guy loves and plays golf, but you also know that he has it in his budget to buy your putter and he’s looking to buy right now. No wasted impressions, jut the exact audience you want to be hitting.

See how specific we can get with the advertising? That kind of specificity is how you get to be one of the best internet advertising agencies in Denver. We know the Denver audience, we know how they think and, most importantly, we know how to reach them. We’re not just winging it.

Yeah, there are tons of other advertising agencies in Denver. But do that do what we do at the level we do? No. We are confident that we are at the top of the playing field of advertising agencies in Denver, especially when it comes to internet advertising. Bring us on to your team and let us help you up your online marketing game.

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