Passion, creative freedom and the pursuit to play Led Zeppelin on a Violin

Passion….Did you loose it somewhere? After having some smoked ribs cooked on my Pink Traeger Pig, along with some freshly squeezed tangerine margaritas, my wife decided to show our guests some Josh Groben since they liked amazing vocalists. While enjoying the night, along came a violinist that started a very dramatic solo. At first I was entertained, in the end I was moved. It made me think, am I living with passion. Life is too short not too. Let me challenge you. Do you see the commitment and passion this woman has while playing. I challenge you and myself for 2010 to pursue at least one thing with this much passion. When is the last time you ran with the your shoes off in the snow so your toes just about go numb. When is the last time you took your $40,000 SUV and really went off-roadin’. Find something. Heck, challenge yourself to sit and listen for God’s voice and don’t get up until you hear him speak something into your soul. God gave us such a wonderful world to live in and enjoy. Are you livin’ or are you just survivin’?. Yes, the pink pig does it,  if you’re into digitally controlled convection wood pellet smokers, but what about other areas of my life.

Have  I settled? Have I accepted middle age………….NEVER!!!!!!!!!

Mike Lash

Denver Advertising

Head chef – chief dish washer

Let this move ya.

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