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    Money Back Guarantee

    We believe in our google adwords/pay-per-click strategy so much we’re willing to give you your money back if your results aren’t better than your past adwords campaigns.

    Revisions in a Day

    We will make revisions to your campaigns as needed with a 24 hr turnaround. With other companies your campaign remains static which isn’t a realistic or effective business model.

    Exact Cost of Each Word

    We are totally transparent through the whole process. You will know the exact cost of each keyword or phrase and will receive weekly performance reports so you’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

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    Sophisticated Bid Management

    Unlike most companies, we do exact match keywords which allows for the best keyword at the best price. Our advanced bid management strategies insure that your ad always appears in the right position.

    Daily Bid Management

    It is critical that bids are constantly adjusted on all the search engines to insure the right placement at the right time. We adjust bids daily based on factors that drive business, insuring maximum ROI.

    ROI Transparency

    How do you know if your PPC advertising is working? ROI transparency with daily reporting is critical. With our advanced reporting software, you will always know your return from your PPC ads.

The problems with large digital companies:

• Locked in for a 12-month contract with no option to cancel.
• Bland, cookie-cutter strategies with little to no customization.
• Level Billing. Season’s change but your spend level is fixed for the year.
• Complicated reporting system, cannot determine success.
• Lack of customer service that is expected with large corporations, depends on how much money is spent.

Why use Denver Advertising:

• White Glove Service. Not Tied to Spend.
• No Annual Contracts
• 100% Customized to Your Business
• No More Cookie Cutter Programs
• Comprehensive Reports
• Local Customer Service
• Full Service Ad Agency

Every business is different. Say goodbye to bland cookie cutter programs.

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