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Pindustry Doesn’t Hire Denver Advertising.

Pindustry Doesn’t Hire Denver Advertising

Pindustry Entertainment Center after much deep thought, decides not to hire long standing Ad Agency employed for Celebrity Lanes and other business associated with Pindustry.

When Mike Lash, President of Denver Advertising and the 3 decade original ad daddy,  was asked how he felt about not being hired after a 10 plus year relationship with Pindustry Owners, Mike Lash commented about Pindustry stating “They are good cat’s over at Pindustry, they’re just like an eighth grade girlfriend that cheats on ya with your best friend….at first it hurts, but then ya know they’ll come back begging to go to the dance”. Cue up the Commodores and moonlight! Mike Lash commented further about Pindustry stating, “Those guys at Pindustry sure know how to have a party and they will dominate the entertainment scene in Denver”.