Being one of the top ad agencies in Denver, we have to be innovative and on top of our game always. We use the latest and greatest in ad tactics and then share them with our clients to make sure they’re owning their market. Retargeting is the process of targeting a customer once and then hitting them with the same ad over and over again after the initial exposure. Retargeting is a frequency-based results strategy. Which excuse that jargon, but that just means the goal of retargeting is to have a consumer see an ad multiple times to make sure they are very aware of your company/product/service.

Say you are a window company. If a customer searches “window company Denver,” your ad from a Google AdWords campaign will come up in their search results and then regardless of if they end up visiting your site that time, they’ll get hit with banner ads for your windows for the next few weeks on any site they go to because they expressed interest in buying windows. OR we’ll set up some geofences so that if they walk into a window store anywhere in the Denver area, their phone will start getting hit with your ad on the spot, and then will keep seeing your window ad on their phone for the next few days or weeks. We’ve used the word window so much it doesn’t even seem like a word anymore, and that’s exactly how your potential customers will feel after a great retargeting campaign. Repetition is one of the strongest attention-getting tactics when it comes to advertising and agencies, through retargeting, are taking advantage of that.

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So many ad agencies in Denver are focused on just traditional advertising and social media marketing and neglecting to use the strategies that work, such as ones like this. The fact is, strategies like retargeting supplement great traditional campaigns or social media campaigns. Even if you’re already using a company for most of your marketing, you can think of us as your local supplement shop to fill in the gaps that your other ad agencies in Denver are missing.

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