Video Production

Whether you need a quick video to blast on social media and in your emails, or you need a full-fledged TV commercial campaign, we’ve got you covered from idea to airing. When people are on social media or watching TV, they’re not looking to challenge their brain. They want easy, they want minimal reading and they want entertainment. We’ll create video that caters to their wants, as well as yours.

Break away from cheesy, obviously low-budget ads that make people mute commercial breaks. There are so many advertising companies that will correlate low-budget with low effort and produce corny, in your face, super salesy ads that make viewers roll their eyes so hard they get headaches. A common misconception, among business owners and advertising companies alike, is that cheesy is acceptable because it shows off that they’re local and friendly. Listen it doesn’t have to be like that. You can be bold. If you want those same old, same old corny commercials, hit up some other advertising companies, because we don’t do that type of work here. We’ll create content that’s different. Interrupt the noise, don’t add to it. We create video that people want to watch. We’ll produce what other advertising companies can’t.

YouTube is great for low cost and quick production situations and is easily blasted out at virtually zero cost. Videos for YouTube can be produced and uploaded in a matter of minutes. Video blogs (vlogs) are all the rage lately and are a great way to connect personally with your followers. The more followers see your face and hear you talk on videos, the more they feel like they actually know you. In turn, they’ll gain a sense of trust and even loyalty to your brand. Vlogs are the easiest way to interact and build personal relationships without meeting in person. We’re one of the advertising companies that understands this and that’s why we emphasize doing it.

TV commercials are where the budgets get larger, but in return, the audience and impressions grow greatly. Beyond production, our team has years of experience with media buying. We’ve learned that all media buys are negotiable and therefore we’re going to get you the best price and best time slot. We have connections with every local TV station here and we know the market, so we’ll be able to hit your target audience at a great price.