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With the digital climate gaining more ground each day, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is more important than ever when it comes to getting the most out of your business.

With the digital climate gaining more ground each day, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is more important than ever when it comes to getting the most out of your business.

Online sales are taking over the marketplace as consumers are changing their shopping habits from the tradition of brick and mortar establishments to the ease and convenience that the web offers. Ken Burke from Targetmarketingmag.com gives us a look at how businesses can best use the search engines we all know and love to get consumers interested, impressed, and involved.

1. Get Indexed With the Top Three Search Engines
Make certain that all the pages on your site are fully indexed with Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Google typically handles 46 percent of all searches conducted online monthly, and on average will be your primary source of search engine traffic and orders.

You can be proactive about getting listed with Google by submitting your pages using Google Sitemaps. Also, submitting your site to the open directory dmoz.org will speed up the overall indexing process and will help Yahoo! and MSN find your site faster, as well.

Be aware that search engine robots have difficulty indexing some dynamically generated pages. In addition, the algorithms to get your pages to rank high in natural search results constantly are changing. What worked four months ago may not work today. Look to the experts to help you overcome these problems.


2. Get Your Keywords Right for Paid Search
Develop a robust list of keywords. Re-examine this list at least quarterly to ensure you optimize the most popular terms shoppers are using. Online shoppers now use four- and five-word keyword strings to more quickly find what they’re looking for. A shopper who used to search for “red sweater” now is more likely to search on “men’s red wool pullover sweater” to focus the search and yield better results.

Create keyword combinations using your existing category and subcategory navigation, and purchase them as keywords. For example, if you run a large and diverse department store Web site, you would need to purchase broad category names such as apparel, housewares, lawn and garden, cosmetics, clearance … and whatever other primary category names make up your product line.

You also need to own each sub-category name. An apparel retailer might need words like sweaters, dresses, menswear, women’s, petites, etc.

Purchase key phrases composed of the words listed above in combination with terms that describe your products such as wool, cotton, cardigan, pullover, etc.

And don’t forget about synonyms, because everybody uses slightly different terms to find the same things. You also should consider buying your brand name and branded keywords. The price per click is likely to be low, and it will ensure that you always have top position.

3. Manage Your Copy for Natural Search
You can improve your rankings in natural search by tailoring your content for better performance. While every search engine is different, you can focus your content optimization efforts around a standard set of key variables: page title, product name, metadata, image alt descriptions and visible HTML text on the page.

Incorporate your targeted keywords and key phrases in each of these variables. However, make sure you find the right balance. Repeating your keywords too often on a given page may depress keyword ranking. Use a consistent product naming convention based on terms your customers use. Call a shoe a shoe, and not “footgear.”

Proactively managing your copy for paid search is just as important. In the sponsored search listings you submit to Google, Yahoo! and MSN, ensure you repeat the keyword in your ad title and in the body of the listing. Add a differentiator such as “10,000 items online” or “lowest prices” to the body of the listing to make your copy stand out.

4. Send Them to the Right Landing Page
When your potential buyer clicks on your search engine listing, he should land on the most relevant page as deep within your site as possible, and as close to an actual point of purchase as possible. Shoppers won’t bother to search through your site to find the specific product they want. If they want a men’s red, wool, pullover sweater and you don’t hand it to them right away, they’ll go straight back to the search engine and find a competitor who will.

Send shoppers to a page that matches the level of granularity of the search terms they use. If they use broad search terms, such as “apparel,” send them to your homepage if you are a pure-play appareler or to your apparel category page. If they search for a specific product such as a red sweater, show them a specific product or present them with a result set for red sweater from your internal site search. Give them the chance to click “buy” right away.

5. Use Natural Search and Paid Search in Tandem
Natural and paid search have a symbiotic relationship. Natural search yields results more slowly and is a long-term strategy. Results are dependent on the quality and quantity of the information you incorporate into your Web site through metatags, keywords and visible page content. Natural search optimization is more difficult to do correctly, but it’s much more flexible because it’s not keyword or search engine dependent.

Paid search yields faster results with easily trackable ROI, and is limited by budget and the number of listings you can create. Whatever you do for a paid listing is specific to only one engine.

Test the effectiveness of your keywords in paid search. See what produces strong conversions and sales and incorporate these terms into your Web site to drive natural search results.

6. Benchmark Yourself
Are your search engine results delivering acceptable conversion rates, or are your pages and products not showing up at all? Are you consistently beating the competition, or are you always in second place? Know your rankings, particularly for your most important products or categories. Find out what pages currently generate the most sales and work to get your potential customers to land there.

Study your competitors. Model your approach to first meet and then beat them. Find out what keywords and phrases they use, and decide whether you should use them as well.

7. Know Your Customers and How They Search
Study your site’s internal search feature to find out what keywords and phrases customers are using. Insert these terms into your list of keywords and into the written content on your site.

Watch what happens when your customers come to you from a search engine. Do they actually buy anything? If you get a lot of browsers from Google but they don’t buy, your search standings probably are OK, but your site is letting them down. Find out what pages generate the best conversion and which products sell best; then augment your keyword list to make those pages easier to find.

8. Play to Your Strengths
If you specialize in high-end home accessories, play it up with appropriate keywords and written copy. Choose keywords that emphasize the overall value of your offering, your selection, your knowledge of your product line and your expertise in the sector.

You also can differentiate yourself from your competitors by presenting your brand value, exceptional customer service, an easy return policy and product guarantees in your ad copy or within the search landing pages.

9. Use Comparison Shopping Sites
Consumers are using comparison shopping sites more often because they make it easy to find the best price on the products they want. Their primary advantage to the merchant is that they bring you qualified, motivated buyers. They’re also a good way to introduce your business to shoppers who might otherwise never discover you.

Their primary disadvantage is that they can create downward pressure on prices. If you can’t compete on price, you can still compete using other differentiators as mentioned above.

10. Tracking, Testing and Tuning
Tracking and measurement enable you to execute effectively on anything in this list.

Modern analytics tools let you track and measure an incredible volume of data, but this can be overwhelming. Focus on the following data first:

– conversion as determined by specific keyword, category and landing page;

– traffic, sales and conversion rates from each search engine; and

– search engine rankings.

Test your keywords, landing pages and written copy to see what works best. If your analytics application allows it, set up A/B tests for your most important products and categories. Consolidate your lead in your strongest areas, then work on improving the response in other important areas.

Fine-tune your site, your keyword list and your paid listings. Sometimes you will discover an enormous improvement by making small changes, but even incremental improvements in conversion, average number of items per order and click-through rate can lead to significant improvements in your bottom line. Use all the tools at your disposal to identify where you need a boost, and work for continual improvement.

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People know a great ad when they see one, but getting that ad to right people at the right time is an art unto itself. As innovation in advertising technology renders old tactics obsolete, it also opens new opportunities to reach your audience.

The central questions in digital advertising today are: Where will people listen? What content will they engage with? How do I reach them? The answers are key to understanding four trends that are shaping the industry.

1. Mobile video advertising.

Mobile video consumption is growing rapidly and providing advertisers with a way to reach consumers when they are paying attention. Between Q3 2012 and Q3 2014, smartphone and tablet video consumption grew 400 percent and now accounts for 30 percent of all online videos played, according to Ooyala’s Global Video Index. This trend has been helped along by the expansion of fast 4G/LTE coverage. The bigger iPhone 6 screen and the popularity of other ‘phablets’ (large-screen smartphones) also reflect the growing importance of mobile video. As phablets saturate the market, they will in turn feed the growth of mobile video.

Mobile video viewers are what you might call a “captive” audience. When TV commercials begin, people look down at their phones. On the bus or subway, people focus on their digital screens instead of the ads passing by in the cityscape. When radio ads begin, people change the station. However, when people are already looking at their smartphone, nothing is going to distract them. Use mobile video ads to take advantage of this undivided attention.

2. Native advertising.

When websites feature advertisements that emulate the content and style of their own site, we consider it native advertising. Native ad spending will climb from $3.2 billion in 2014 to $8.8 billion by 2018, largely because advertisers are seeing above average engagement with this format, according to an eMarketer forecast.

Native ads are typically long-form blog posts, infographics or videos that aim to inform, entertain and inspire people without directly promoting a product. For example, a banner ad from a clothing retailer might promote a winter clothing sale, but a native ad from the same retailer might discuss winter fashion tips instead. Typically, native ads are tagged with a disclaimer such as “sponsored content”, “paid post” or “promoted by”.

If you’re targeting millennials, who tend to be put off by “salesy” ad content, consider native advertising. Now that publishers are partnering with advertisers in the production process (i.e. helping them write and edit), it’s easy to get expert help.

3. Viewable impressions.

Until recently, digital advertisers were very susceptible to fraud. Many were misled into paying for bottom-of-the-page ads that no one scrolled down far enough to see. “Click fraud” was also a huge risk. Essentially, some people realized they could run up their competitors’ advertising bills by creating computer programs (“bots”) that automatically click ads. This practice became so rampant that fraudulent bot traffic may have cost the advertising industry as much as $11.6 billion in 2014. Thankfully, new viewability technology and an advertising model called “viewable impressions” are eradicating both of these problems.

With viewable impressions, advertisers are only charged if the ad appears on a user’s screen for a minimum duration. According to the industry standard, for a display ad to count as a viewable impression, 50 percent of the pixels have to appear on the screen for a minimum of one second. For video, 50 percent of pixels have to appear for a minimum of two seconds. Bots can’t create fraudulent viewable impressions because they can’t complete the actions that distinguish a genuine user view from a false one.

However, in many cases, one or two seconds isn’t nearly enough time to engage a viewer. When you purchase viewable impressions, make sure you have the option to buy guaranteed time slots (e.g. five, 10 or 20 seconds), especially if you plan to run video ads. If you purchased a 10 second slot, you’d only be charged if your ad was continuously viewable for ten seconds or longer. The rate you pay reflects the total amount of time your audience spends with the advertisement.

4. Behavioral data.

New channels, tactics and payments models will only serve your marketing efforts if ads reach the right people. Rather than spending your budget on a large set of consumers, you can more efficiently use behavioral data to target people who fit your customer persona.

While advertisers commonly target individual websites where they expect their customer to hang out, behavioral data improves upon this approach by allowing you to target groups of people across multiple advertising properties. Behavioral targeting providers can profile a group (e.g. mothers with young kids) based on an analysis of online searches, Internet browsing habits, purchasing history and much more. If you’re targeting specific types of consumers, behavioral data can mean the difference between a bungled campaign and a huge victory.

Mobile video ads, native advertising, viewable impressions and behavioral targeting are the defining trends in digital advertising. The strategies that worked for advertisers for the past five years won’t work indefinitely. As these trends illustrate, the channels are continually changing, and the audience on the other end has new habits and preferences. Get the most out of your advertising spend by testing these new four strategies and discovering what works for you.

Ad Serving and Tracking Technology Solves Two Big Problems for Marketers

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When Facebook acquired Atlas from Microsoft for nearly $100 million in 2013, it was a head-scratcher for many industry observers. After all, what strategic value would a legacy ad server have for the world’s largest social network? Last week we learned the answer to that question when Facebook unveiled its Atlas relaunch.

Originally acquired by Microsoft as part of its $6.3 billion deal for aQuantive in 2007, Atlas served principally as an alternative to Google‘s DART tracking system. Atlas was foremost about measurement, and it was used by advertisers and agencies for tracking display ad efficacy.

So what does Facebook intend to use it for now, and what does its relaunch mean? First, it’s important to understand that Atlas’ tracking and measurement DNA is what initially made it so appealing to Mr. Zuckerberg. Starting with Atlas’ DNA and then rewriting it from the ground up allows Facebook to use Atlas as part of its push to measure cross-device and cross-platform and to leverage display targeting capabilities powered by Facebook ID.

This is a big move for Facebook, and it has more significant implications for brands and agencies than anyone could have predicted 18 months ago. Atlas opens up two new and extremely powerful capabilities for brands and agencies: It lets them measure ad campaigns across screens by solving the cookie problem; and it lets them target real people across mobile and the web.

Here’s how brands and agencies can use Facebook and Atlas to conquer a changing digital advertising ecosystem:

Solving the cookie problem

First and foremost, Facebook, like most marketers, understands that cookies aren’t working. On average, cookies have a 59% tracking success rate, and they overstate frequency by 41%, according to executives on an Atlas launch panel at Advertising Week last week. What’s worse, as the internet shifts to mobile, cookies fail to connect users across devices and do nothing to solve the challenge of mobile conversion tracking.

According to Erik Johnson, managing director of Atlas, 41% of all purchases start on one device and move to another (typically moving smaller to larger — phone to tablet or laptop). Today, advertisers typically lose the thread on this device sequence chain when measuring media ROI. The new Atlas will go a long way towards fixing this with new cross-device reporting capabilities.

How does Atlas fix the cookie problem? It uses Facebook’s persistent ID rather than a cookie, allowing Atlas to measure user activity on mobile and desktop, including mobile conversion and desktop conversion tracking. Atlas also enables media mix modeling, helping advertisers understand how to allocate their budgets across devices. This may have the most impact we’ve seen in years for solving cross-device reporting and cross-channel issues, dramatically opening up the mobile market.

Targeting real people vs. phantom people on the web and mobile

While the tracking is fantastic, Facebook’s ability to target real people across devices is even more powerful. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for brands and their agencies. Facebook’s Audience Network already enables advertisers to find appropriate audiences on a whole new set of inventory by using signals such as demographic, psychographic and behavioral data. Now, Atlas gives advertisers access to Facebook’s targeting precision across the entire web, wherever consumers access it.

Consider this use case: Marketers could leverage Facebook targeting to reach a consumer on ESPN.com, and then use Facebook’s Audience Network to reach that same consumer on ESPN’s SportsCenter app. This is incredibly powerful, and it’s a real shot across the bow at Google and every other vendor still trying to break mobile and desktop targeting out of separate silos.

Facebook is pushing beyond the restrictive label of “social” and rewriting the rules of the game in digital marketing along the way. The new Atlas capabilities are a substantial step in this direction. If nothing else, it highlights that social is not just a channel. Rather, social is a fundamentally different way to understand and execute digital marketing. It is far more about data than platform, and Facebook is making this vision a reality. Success in digital marketing should be about finding precise consumer audiences and identities, not abstractions like campaigns and line items. Atlas is making Facebook more people-focused than ever before, and brands and agencies would be smart to follow suit.

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Brew Launches Social Media Campaign After Paying Record Sum for Sponsorship

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Tecate landed a punch on Corona when it recently secured sponsorship rights to the blockbuster fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2. But now the pressure is on to make the expensive deal pay off.

The Heineken-owned brand paid $5.6 million for the rights, outbidding Corona’s $5.2 million, according to a recent report by ESPN.com. The report characterized it as a “fierce bidding battle” between the two Mexican imports in which Tecate emerged only by committing a record amount for such an event.

There is plenty of potential upside: Tecate believes the fight could draw upwards of 4 million homes on pay-per-view and at least 33 million total viewers. That would surpass other recent marquee sporting events such as game seven of the 2014 World Series (23.5 million), game five of the 2014 NBA Finals (18 million) and the 2014 FIFA World Cup final (17.3 million).

Tecate has been hoping to get in on such a major fight since it began sponsoring boxing in 2007, said Gustavo Guerra, co-brand director for the brew. “There is no doubt this is going to be the fight of the century,” he said.

But is the sponsorship worth the cost?

Consider that the reported $5.6 million price tag is roughly enough to pay for the title sponsorship of an NBA arena for a year, or to sponsor a big concert tour, according to Jim Andrews, senior VP-content strategy at sponsorship consultancy IEG. Still, he said that “it’s not an outrageous number for what they are going to be able to do surrounding it, because there is going to be a lot of attention on this fight.”

Tecate will have its name featured in the center ring and splashed throughout the arena at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. But the key to getting the most bang for the sponsorship buck rests in the marketer’s ability to gain attention in the weeks leading up to the fight. On that front, Tecate is seeking to amplify its exposure with a social media campaign, retail executions and by sponsoring viewing parties at 200 or more bars in restaurants.

From April 6 to May 3, Tecate will solicit opinions on the fight on social media via the hashtag “MyBoldOpinions.” Select fan posts will be used in digital videos starring Sylvester Stallone and renowned boxing commentator Larry Merchant. The campaign is by Saatchi & Saatchi.

Most of the on-the-ground marketing — including outdoor advertising and retail programs — will run in five states where Tecate gets a large percentage of sales and where the brand is targeting so-called bicultural Hispanic-Americans: California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Programs include mail-in-rebates with each Tecate purchase that will give consumers discounts on the pay-per-view price of the fight, ranging from $15 to $50 depending on the amount purchased. Seperately, Tecate will run a sweepstakes with prizes including tickets to the fight or getting the pay-per-view for free.

Tecate will cover its sponsored viewing parties in branding. In some cases, the brand will subsidize cover charges so that some bars can show the fight to consumers for free. The match is expected to cost $99 on pay-per-view at home, according to areport by The Wall Street Journal.

While the fight seems evenly matched, Tecate is an underdog to Corona in the U.S.

Corona Extra is the top-selling imported beer, with $1.4 billion in sales in the 52 weeks ending March 22, up 6.5% from the period a year prior, according to IRI, which does not include bar sales. Regular Tecate ranks seventh, at about $155 million, after sales fell by 3.4% in the period. The company is increasingly shifting marketing resources to Tecate Light, which grew by 55.6% in the period reaching $46 million in sales, according to IRI.

So how did Tecate outbid its larger rival? Mr. Guerra declined to discuss financials or confirm the price tag. But he said the brand took advantage of its relationship with Top Rank, which is promoting the fight along with Mayweather Promotions. Tecate has previously sponsored Top Rank fights, Mr. Guerra said. Corona, meanwhile, has historically been aligned with Golden Boy Promotions, which is not involved in the fight.

A spokesman for Constellation Brands, which markets Corona in the states, confirmed that the brand bid on the sponsorship. “We wanted to make sure we were aggressive but also fiscally responsible,” he said. “We were very comfortable with our decision to remove ourselves from the bidding process.”

For Tecate, the sponsorship comes on the heels of a new campaign for Tecate Light called “Born Bold” by Saatchi. That effort targets what Tecate describes as 21 million bicultural consumers, people who are “confident and fluid in their Mexican and American duality,” according to the brand’s description of the campaign. “They share Mexican values and American values,” said Belen Pamukoff, Tecate’s co-brand director.

Neither boxer in the May 2 fight is Mexican. Mr. Pacquiao is from the Philippines and Mr. Mayweather is from Grand Rapids, Mich. But Mr. Guerra suggested that Mr. Pacquiao “is the fighter that Mexicans and biculturals are cheering for,” noting his strong following among those demographics. “He is a very charismatic fighter.”

That won’t mean that Tecate will favor Mr. Pacquiao in its marketing. “We need to be neutral because we are sponsors of the fight, not of Manny Pacquiao,” he said.

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It’s no secret: Most advertising agency owners come from inside the advertising industry.Naturally, they’re very good account executives, copywriters or art directors, but they’re not always seasoned businesspeople.

Like most creative people, they’re not interested in restrictive, formulaic systems and processes to guide workflow, even though they’re necessary. Unfortunately, this misstep can singlehandedly create chaos in a busy advertising agency.

Common Ad Agency Mistakes

Most agencies rob themselves of income when they don’t track and bill work correctly. With these small additional revenue streams, the average agency could grow its bottom line by several percentage points every year—if not more.

In addition, without continuous revenue growth, it’s tough to keep hiring and training, which can lead to increased turnover and stale ideas. Ultimately, that can result in an agency that isn’t a creative force any longer. It’s simply a production house, rather than a generator of innovation.

In today’s environment, this is a risk that most agencies simply can’t afford. With a mix of employees and freelancers working together in different cities and time zones, process and project management become vital to ensuring proper billing, communication and project completion.Otherwise, details are dropped, deadlines are missed, clients leave and the bottom line takes a sharp dive into the red.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

10 Tips for a Competitive Advantage

Here are 10 ways to give your advertising agency a streamlined process and a competitive edge.

  1. Have a production process, and honor it. It’s important to create clear, easy-to-follow workflows for every kind of project. This ensures that steps aren’t missed and that the final product has been vetted at each essential stage.
  2. Create a culture that won’t honor workarounds for anyone—even the owner. Make sure that the production process applies to everyone, no matter what rank they carry. If clients insist on special treatment or believe they don’t need the expense of extra steps, they’re not giving you the opportunity to provide your best work.
  3. Encourage critical system implementation. Make it worth your employees’ time to use the right systems to accomplish their tasks. Efficiency and productivity boosts benefit both your employees and your bottom line.
  4. Hold regular, mandatory traffic meetings to stay updated on project statuses. Traffic meetings aren’t optional. They keep projects on time and on budget. Use them to your advantage.
  5. Create templates for frequently used processes and tasks. Make it as easy as possible for your team to ensure there’s uniformity in your information and methods.
  6. Leverage technology to make processes seamless and easy. There are many good software tools out there. Be sure togive your company and employees the tools they need to do the best job they can.
  7. Stop giving money away. Track time accurately, and issue change orders when your clients’ deliverables change. Don’t throw money after goals that have already been put to bed.
  8. Bring the client into your process planning. Your clients are an integral part of your process planning. Find out what frustrates them about working with you. Remember, the way that your agency operates isn’t just an internal issue. It impacts clients as well.
  9. Make training a priority. Most agencies don’t invest enough time or money to train staff and leadership teams. Without it, your agency will become stagnant. Fit training into your budget, and fund it well every year.
  10. Set goals for your operational weak spots. Communicate those goals to your entire team, and then track and report operational metrics based on those goals.

Many agencies are great at what they do, and they cringe at the thought of “boxing” work into a streamlined process. The catch is that without such a process, their work fails to hit on every cylinder, leaving clients and employees wanting something more.

The benefits are clear: Completing projects—on time and on budget—helps you create a more profitable agency with lower turnover and happier clients. All you need now are the tools to make it happen, and the dedication to build a seamless process to guide you forward.

We have been Centennial Gun Club’s advertising for 1.5 years. It has been exciting to see the success and growth of the Centennial Gun Club. They have made national and local news. They put on the largest concealed carry class in the history of Colorado. They are seeing steady membership growth. We are excited to see what the future holds for them and hopefully we have a long lasting relationship.




Denver Advertising does Vegas for the I Heart Radio Concert. Good times!

Happy Fourth of July from our office to yours!

Recently, Focus on the Family added Denver Advertising to their short list of agencies they will be working with in the future. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with such an established company as well as continue to spread the Gospel! Focus on the Family’s goal is to help families thrive. They do this by listening to husbands and wives and families that are struggling. As a ministry, they offer advice and resources to bless families. From guidance in parenting to activities to do as a family, Focus on the Family provides avenues to experience God’s love and restorative power. We are looking forward to begin working with them on special  projects in October!

Today the Denver Advertising Team had the opportunity to go down to KRKS 94.7 and listen in while Steven Reister and DJ Steven Kelly recorded a radio spot for Steel-T Heating and Air Conditioning. Steven Kelly definitely has one of the best radio voices around!  None of the new interns had ever had the chance to visit a radio station so it was a great learning experience and a good start to their second day. Be sure to listen to KRKS 94.7 for Steel-T’s radio spot in these upcoming weeks. Also, we’d like to give a shout out to Steel-T a family owned and operated company that has been around for over twenty years! Be sure to check out their website for helpful tips and summer deals.

You always here people complaining about how much ‘junk mail’ they receive (via the post office or their in-box) – which makes you think twice about using direct mail for your company. Don’t be scared, direct mail is powerful, profitable, cost effective, and best of all, IT WORKS!!

One of the biggest benefits of using direct mail for you company is that you specify exactly what you want to be said and who you want to target, and then only send it to those individuals.  For instance, direct mail can be targeted towards certain demographics such as age, sex, income, religious beliefs, ethnicity, geographical areas, family size, household type, and more.

Denver Advertising has doubled businesses throughout the years using direct mail. Direct mail advertising reaches an abundance of clients at lower costs than some other forms of advertising. Dollar for dollar, direct mail is still one of our favorite mediums for building your business.

What are you doing tomorrow night (Thursday 2/10/11 from 4:30-7 PM)? Come join the Denver Advertising crew at The Coral Room for our monthly Happy Hour! Have you been there yet? Well, if you’re anything like us here at Denver Advertising, we go bananas over amazing food. If you are looking for the best lunch, dinner and cocktails in Denver, look no further than The Coral Room. Another bonus is their killer happy hour menu (we recommend the ahi tuna stacks, mmm…). Besides the fact that The Coral Room has the best atmosphere in Denver, we support them because they came to Denver Advertising when they needed some assistance.

Denver Advertising came to the rescue when John with The Coral Room was looking for a local Colorado advertising and marketing agency to increase their business and foot traffic. Together we created an awesome website, and inspired the whole neighborhood to make The Coral Room their favorite spot in Denver. Go check them out, and don’t be surprised if you see Mike or Steve there. 🙂

Colorado baby! Do you love it? A good cold snowy day to hang out with family and just get got up with life. Yay!A little sign Denver Advertising in Denver Colorado created

Dear Michael ,

Because of your participation in our former free ticket program, we wanted you to know about our new SCFD 10 for $10 program. In order for cost not to exclude anyone who wishes to attend the theatre, we are lowering the starting price of our tickets to $10 — cheaper than a movie!

Every Tuesday a minimum of 10 tickets will be released at 10am for only $10 each to every Denver Center Theatre Company performance in the coming week. That’s a minimum of 210 tickets per week when all of our productions are in full swing. Plus, select Broadway and cabaret productions also will be offered based on availability.

As a proud recipient of funds from the Citizens of metro Denver’s Scientific and Cultural District, we are constantly reassessing how we can best welcome potential audience members. After careful consideration and consultation with the SCFD, we hope that you will agree that the SCFD 10 for $10 program:

gives you guaranteed seats
provides a reasonably-priced admission
allows you to bring your family or friends with 4 tickets per week

So come by our Box Office or call 303.547.3410* and use code SCFD to purchase up to four $10 tickets each Tuesday.

*A $3 service fee will be included in all phone orders.

See you at the theatre,
Randy Weeks

We were honored to have her greatness present. She is a very well known massage therapist and esthetician. If you are ever looking for a 16 year veteran, look her up – 303-463-6565.

Another Intern gone bad

If you read our blogs we are notorious for taking interns out………….and yes……the 80’s crowd can still not only keep up with the kids…..but make sure they get home safely ( and then rock’ on’).
Had a fun night at our monthly “Not so Sour Happy Hour”.

Mike Lash from Denver Advertising with intern

It’s Christmas time, which means it’s time to spend with friends and family and yes, shop. And what does every little girl want……..American Girl…..and yes when you go into The American Girl store in Park Meadows, to get an American Girl doll in Denver, Colorado, you will be convinced that if you don’t buy the doll that day, your child will surely grow up to be a looser!
I swore I would never buy an American Girl doll for my daughter. It goes against my entire belief system and pontificates capitalism. But hey this is America, the greatest country in the world and darn it every house should have a roast in the oven and an American Girl in the hands of a little girl, so I’m told. I did what any normal Dad that has an amazing amount of conviction about excessive spending on items children will not even remember in 3 months would do—-bought the doll. I caved.
But, I did go across the way to lululemon and pick up a pair of sweats……hence the American Woman. Definitely different then the American Girl doll…….
Have a great Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving

As we wind down on this shortened week, we take a moment to reflect on the last 11 months and the things we’re thankful for.

It goes without saying, but we’re so thankful for all of our clients. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. We’re thankful for our friends and family; those we can be with and those we can’t. And last, but certainly not least, we’re thankful for God and His work in our lives and the opportunities we have to minister and fellowship with others.

And so now, before we all head our different directions for Thanksgiving, we release our first ever (but not annual):

10-ish Reasons We Love Thanksgiving:

1. Aside from a Las Vegas all-you-can-eat buffet, when else is it socially acceptable to eat a trashcan lid-sized plate of food?

2. Getting to spend time with family and friends.

2b. If you can’t spend it with family (or, don’t want to…) there’s always FOOTBALL!

3. Do you ever sleep better than the tryptophan-induced coma produced by consuming half your body weight in poultry?

4. That story your grandmother loves to tell, that you’ve heard 387 times is ALWAYS funnier the 388th time.

5. Playing a “friendly game” of touch football with that cousin that always has to take it to another level and tackle someone.

6. Avoiding getting “noogies” from that uncle that, no matter how old you are, remembers when you were ‘this high.’

7. The 9th Wonder of the World: “The Can-Shaped Cranberry Sauce” that goes UNTOUCHED, yet is consistently put on the table year after year.

8. Watching Uncle “Pull-my-finger” (every family seems to have one…) make an idiot out of himself. Again.

9. Turkey bowling. Yes. Turkey bowling.

11. The atomic bomb of all poultry meals: The Turduckin. For those who want to take holiday gluttony to that next level…

From all of us at Denver Advertising, to all of you, have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

Within the past few weeks, we created a new brochure for Interquest Dental Group located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The brochure appropriately called “Everything You Wanted To Know About Braces But Were Afraid To Ask” was designed by our Creative Director, Steve Schader with some direction by the owner of Denver Advertising, Mike Lash.
The text was sent from the client and Steve created an eight page saddlestitched (stapled) brochure featuring photos supplied by the client showing the Damon System. The brochure features subjects including – what you should know when considering braces, interceptive orthodontics, a braces survival dental kit, phases of wearing and taking care of braces, facts to know about your occlusal guard, and even includes a list of good and bad foods.
Denver Advertising received a call from the owner of Interquest Dental Group, Dr. Arnold who personally wanted to thank us for the quality of design and printing of their new Braces Brochure. She couldn’t have been happier with the results. The brochure was printed by a local Denver printer, Anaconda Printing. Denver Advertising is currently working on redesigning Anaconda’s website.
A couple jpegs below show the cover and an interior page of the new braces brochure.
Interquest Dental Group: http://www.interquestdentalgroup.com
Anaconda Printing: http://www.anacondaprinting.com

Happy Hour at The Coral Room

“Our first ever ‘Not So Sour Happy Hour’ turned out to be a success.” These are the words spoken by the owner of Denver Advertising, Mike Lash. On such short notice, we had around 10 people show up to our Happy Hour at The Coral Room located in the Highlands at 32nd and Lowell, just Northwest of Downtown Denver.

The Happy Hour which took place on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 was attended by a local screenprinter and the owners of the screenprinting company from Colorado Springs, a representative of the online company called Groupon, and a few other friends and clients of Denver Advertising.

John Nadasdy, the owner of The Coral Room, who is also a client of Denver Advertising, seemed delighted we were wanting to throw a happy hour at his place. The Coral Room is an upscale restaurant and bar with a neighborhood feel that serves dinner every night and now includes breakfast during the week and a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

The “Not So Sour Happy Hour” was concepted by the Creative Director at Denver Advertising, Steve Schader. Steve also came up with the quirky yet fun icon of a smiley sour face.

Denver Advertising plans to have the “Not So Sour Happy Hour” every first Thursday of every month for the next five months. So if you have a chance, stop by The Coral Room to say “Hi” to the employees of Denver Advertising and receive a ticket for a Free Drink. Yep, the first drink is on Denver Advertising’s tab. The next “Not So Sour Happy Hour” will be Thursday, December 2nd. Visit The Coral Room’s website: http://www.coralroom.com or click on the photo below.

Photo shoot at Blue Mist Salon in Denver Colorado. Mike Lash Photographer.

Check out the new logo flash intro from Denver Advertising

Free Lessons from the master. Steve Schader “Shady”, gives free lessons to any and all at local party downtown. You go!

Denver Advertising over the last few years is earning national recognition for their website design and search engine rankings for various clients across the nation. Recently, Denver Advertising grabbed two of the interns and went to the WordPress (or Word Press) camp in boulder Colorado. WordPress in their opinion is the most efficient, most comprehensive, easiest for a client, website programming available today. Plus, Google loves WordPress. Denver Advertising clients are receiving radical increases in their natural search engine rankings. This is great because Denver Advertising’s clients will not have to spend excessive dollars with Googles Pay Per Click (ppc) campaigns.

If you are looking for a website for your business that you can manage easily, have Denver Advertising switch you over to WordPress (or Word Press).

Below are a few photos with some of WordPress corporate guru’s.

At Denver Advertising, on our ride to work day, we believe that you see the world at the seat of your pants with two wheels and 88 cubic inches strapped between your thighs. Of course most moms don’t approve but then again moms go to parties that we are not sure what really happens. (inside joke with interns mom!)

A sweet ride after some wings.

The Future


Back-Door Blessing

by Charles R. Swindoll

James 1

I had lunch recently with a businessman who runs his own company. As we talked, the subject of wisdom kept popping up in our conversation. So I asked, “How does a person get wisdom? I realize we are to be men of wisdom, but few people ever talk about how it is acquired.”

His answer was quick and to the point: “Pain.”

I paused and looked deeply into his eyes. Without knowing the specifics, I knew his one-word answer was not theoretical. He and pain had gotten to know each other rather well.

It was then I quoted from the first chapter of James: “When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives, my brothers, don’t resent them as intruders, but welcome them as friends! Realise that they come to test your faith and to produce in you the quality of endurance. But let the process go on until that endurance is fully developed, and you will find you have become men of mature character, men of integrity with no weak spots” (James 1:2-4, Phillips).

There is no shortcut, no such thing as instant endurance. The pain brought on by interruptions and disappointments, by loss and failure, by accidents and disease, is the long and arduous road to maturity. There is no other road.

But where does wisdom come in? James explains in the next verse: “And if, in the process, any of you does not know how to meet any particular problem he has only to ask God—who gives generously to all men without making them feel guilty—and he may be quite sure that the necessary wisdom will be given him” (1:5).

As I see it, it is a domino effect. One thing bumps up against another, which, in turn, bumps another, and in the long haul, endurance helps us mature. Periodically, however, we will find ourselves at a loss to know what to do or how to respond. It’s then we ask for help, and God delivers more than intelligence and ideas and good old common sense. He dips into His well of wisdom and allows us to drink from His bucket, whose refreshment provides abilities and insights that are of another world. Perhaps it might best be stated as having a small portion of “the mind of Christ.”

When we have responded as we should to life’s blows, enduring them rather than escaping them, we are given more maturity that stays with us and new measures of wisdom, which we are able to draw upon for the balance of our lives.

By accepting life’s tests and temptations as friends, we become men and women of mature character.

Excerpted from Day by Day with Charles Swindoll, Copyright © 2000 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. (Thomas Nelson Publishers). All rights reserved worldwide. Used by permission.

Well maybe not bike trash. Went through Breck had a crepe and got hailed on. And yes that does hurt doing 60 when hail hits you. Spending the night in Glenwood. Great pasta.

When Freedom whispers, “be free”…….Answer her

Free yourself

Free others

That’s what we are doing at Denver Advertising. Starting Friday, our staff is getting on our hogs and heading to Grand Canyon the low and slow way baby. We are biker trash! Burgers, Ribs, oh….what’s that green stuff next to the meat, looks like lettuce. It’s freedom, It’s friendships, It’s life….It’s leather and lot’s of it. Think about it, where else can you wear leather chaps and smell like raw testosterone mixed with 98 octane.  It’s fun, it’s sun and it’s people stopping you after they get out of their cages and want to discuss where you are going, while desiring “please take me with you, I’m stuck, I’m scared, I wanna be free”.

Escape. Free yourself. I give you permission this summer to do something you have never done. Take a risk. I promise you, at 75, we aint gonna look back and wish we would of stayed at work all those extra hours. Yes, work hard, but play hard. Celebrate Life. God created it and He did a wonderful job. Now quit making excuses why you can’t and just buy the ticket and go.

Peace……May Freedom reign and rain in your life.

P.S. I’ll keep ya posted throughout the week.

Beach time low view

Beach Time

Computer family

The days of sitting around and listening to the radio are over.

My nephew just graduated. Go conquer the world, Jean Paul

That’s why we live in Colorado. Have a great weekend.

For almost 20 years Denver Advertising has been helping businesses start, grow and maintain. Most of the time, the conversation comes up as to how do I still support my family, myself or others during the rough times or heck even during the good times. And the conversation comes up often with our clients. For me and my company, we rely on God. There have been times where He has directed me to give a ton away and others where he directs me to lock down the hatches, no big steak dinners for a season and others where He instructs me to enjoy the fruit of my labor. I’ve learned that every season is good when you are plugged into God. At the end of this race, I want to make sure I ran hard but more importantly I ran the right race.

I love what Alister Begg says below (truthforlife.org):

God’s Provision

There is grain for sale in Egypt.

Genesis 42:2

Famine pinched all the nations, and it seemed inevitable that Jacob and his family should suffer great want; but the God of providence, who never forgets the objects of electing love, had stored a granary for His people by giving the Egyptians warning of the scarcity and leading them to treasure up the grain from the years of plenty. Little did Jacob expect deliverance from Egypt, but there was grain in store for him.

Believer, though all things are apparently against you, rest assured that God has made a reservation on your behalf; in the roll of your griefs there is a saving clause. Somehow He will deliver you, and somewhere He will provide for you. Your rescue may come from a very unexpected source, but help will definitely come in your extremity, and you will magnify the name of the Lord. If men do not feed you, ravens will; and if the earth does not yield wheat, heaven will drop manna.

Therefore be of good courage, and rest quietly in the Lord. God can make the sun rise in the west if He pleases and can make the source of distress a channel of delight. The grain in Egypt was all in the hands of the beloved Joseph; he opened or closed the granaries at will. And so the riches of providence are all in the absolute power of our Lord Jesus, who will dispense them generously to His people. Joseph was abundantly ready to help his own family; and Jesus is unceasing in His faithful care for His brethren.

Our responsibility is to go after the help that is provided for us: We must not sit still in despondency, but stir ourselves. Prayer will bring us quickly into the presence of our royal Brother. Once before His throne we have only to ask and receive. His stores are not exhausted; there is still grain: His heart is not hard; He will give the grain to us. Lord, forgive our unbelief, and this evening constrain us to draw largely from Your fullness and receive grace for grace.

Email marketing. Denver Advertising is one of the few that has over 30,000 business owners and managers names. Call us if you want to know more. 303-777-6253

What a perfect day to shoot pictures. Trying to get twenty people to all smile at the same time is tough and I only have a limited amount of jokes to keep them smiling. Denver Advertising will be down in Denver to photograph a doctors staff.

Too much fun today

Post from iPhone.

Denver Advertising is getting on their hogs in a couple weeks and I thought I would take along couple close friends via the I phone. I remember when I started Denver Advertising and had to drive across town because I didn’t own a fax. Wow. Times have changed

If you know me by now, it’s all about the Q on the weekends. I think I have half our neighborhood signed up for the “eat free on Saturdays” from Mike’s backyard. Owning an ad agency in Denver, Colorado has it’s advantages. One, I get to work with some awesome clients like Lehres Fireplace and patio (http://www.lehrerfireplacepatio.com/). That’s important if you are a BBQ lover because they have the coolest grills in the universe. Yes, the pink pig is truly the way to go if you are into hot pink grills, but recently I picked up a Bradley Smoker, that I will put against any smoker around. Here is the neat part with both those products. You turn them on and then put your meat in and walk away for 6 hours, go ride your bike, play with the kids, whatever…. But you comeback looking like you slaved all day long. It’s amazing.

This past weekend, I started playing around with jalapenos. Wow! Got a little of my daughters pink sugar and Baaammm baby!

All I gotta say is the grill is always on and looking for a few takers.

Many times, you need to know when to bring in the pros. Especially when it comes to photography. At Denver Advertising, many times, we shoot many of our clients projects. But every now and then we need the help from the big boys. Josh, great job on the last shoot.

At Denver Advertising (sign company division), one of the most fun, rewarding projects is creating something you touch and feel, like a sign. It’s exciting to make signs, especially since we live in Denver, Colorado and we get to drive by our designs and see them. I brought my buddy in from Colorado Lifestyles who does amazing work in landscaping. So if you are looking for a sign for you business or just a sign design, let us know.

As the leader in Denver for Sign Design and Signs, Denver Advertising finds it fun to take on tough design projects.  We would love to be part of your next project.

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Be first on Google for FREE – If your business is not on the 1st page, you’re nonexistent.

Be first on Google for only 10¢ a hit – Through paid search.

Website Design – If your site is older than three years or you can’t change your content hourly, call us.

Blast Emails – We have one of the largest email lists of business owners throughout Colorado.

Direct Mail – Reach your potential customers constantly and consistently. From 38¢ per piece.

Advertising Campaigns

• Effective Branding

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Logo Design

• Web Site Development & Placement

• Discount Media Buying

• Dynamic Direct Mail

• Television/Radio Production

• Print & Collateral


I love Chuck Swindol. At Denver Advertising, we have many clients that have achieved success and go awry. They have accomplished their goals. Be careful when you have met your goals. I agree with Chuck, it can be as dangerous as not meeting your goals and being obsessed about achieving them. Here is a little excerpt from Chuck:

Beware of Heights!
by Charles R. Swindoll

1 Corinthians 10:31

While cleaning out my study at home last Monday, I came across a book I had read several years ago. It’s one of those volumes that stays with you—resourceful, insightful, and timeless. One particular line about halfway through the book jumped off the page: “A time to be careful is when one reaches his goals. . . . It is then, with all his resources spent and his guard down, that an individual must watch out for dulled reactions and faulty judgment.”

In other words, vulnerability accompanies achievement. After the long haul, energy drained, dreams realized, enthusiasm peaked, desire accomplished—watch out!

Maybe that is the best explanation for the rarity of repeating champions. Back in the mid-1980s, the Chicago Bears cleaned everyone’s plow. They won it all. The Windy City had waited so long, many were sure their team had what it took to do a repeat performance. How wrong they were! Before the taste of victory became stale, the erosion of self-destruction was underway.

What happens in sports can happen as readily in a ministry. During the difficult years, the watchword is survival, and the battle cry is sacrifice. Hard times bind people together. Goals are set. Prayers are offered. Every week is a new adventure in faith. By and by, the pieces fall into place, and the goals are finally reached. It is there—on the perilous pinnacle of accomplishment—that the adversary lurks with his corrupting influence.

The same can happen to an individual. My thoughts return to the man whose heart followed hard after God. Jesse’s youngest son preferred the rugged solitude of the wilderness . . . but Jehovah’s plan was that he occupy the throne of Israel. Years of hardship and humiliation under Saul’s incessant assault preceded his promotion. Even when he became the king, the thirty-year-old monarch conducted himself with unselfish, untarnished integrity. The nation flourished because David’s magnificent obsession was the glory of God.

Then came that infamous day in early spring—the morning David chose to sleep in rather than accompany his men to battle. Who knows why? Could it be that his impressive record of successes made him soft? Only a brief spell of passionate indulgence, yet it changed everything. His peace vanished. His character blasted irretrievably. His family life destroyed.

Alas, he was not the last to fall prey to the peril of past victories. The paths of history are strewn with the litter of heroes who forgot to walk carefully along the narrow ledges of the heights. How have the mighty fallen!

Resting on your laurels is a synonym for flirting with disaster. Write that reminder down where you can see it frequently.

At Denver Advertising we have a reputation around the nation for advertising and marketing Paving Contractors. Our most recent success, we took a paving contractor from 9 million to 18 million in about 3 years. Marketing and Advertising does work for paving contractors. Call us and we will show you how.

Paving Contractor

I loved this. A father holding his son after winning the most important game of his career. And here is the best part, Drew could of cared less. Look at the intensity as his eyes met his sons eyes. Wow. Here is a man that has spent the last 20 plus years preparing for this, just to
accept the success. The real excitement was to be with his son. We believe that Drew’s love demonstrates God’s love for us.

At Denver Advertising, this is what we believe is real living. Yes, it’s important to win the Super Bowls in life (that’s why you hire us) but more importantly is your success with your family. We care about each one of our clients family as much as we care about helping their business grow. We want to help our clients be so successful that they can spend more time at home. And if need be, we will pick up the slack so they can be home more.

We want to assist our clients in being successful

……..and enjoy life.

Creative people have to get out and get their mojo back quite often. Our clients hire Denver Advertising to be creative so it’s mandatory to keep the creative juices high. We were down in Littleton today and both Steve and I enjoy BBQn’ so we stopped by the Savory Spice Shop. They do retail well there. Check them out. Plus if you like amazing spices to Q with, they have the best. This weekend I’ll be smoking Jerk Chicken’ for most of Sunday, just like in the Islands baby.

When it comes to competitors vs. Denver Advertising, there are so many to look at. When you are dealing with Denver Advertising, you are getting a advertising agency that has been recognized by The Denver Business Journal as One of the Top 25 Largest Ad Agencies, recently featured on the front page of The Denver Post and won many awards; but most importantly have helped businesses grow for over 19 years.

We believe when choosing an agency make sure you consider:

1. Do you like your agency personally?  Whoever said business is not personal was lying. Your agency and you will spend a lot of time and as the client you are going to need to be able to trust that your agency “has got your back”.  What can be more personal then when you are writing checks to your agency and either getting the results you expected or worse, not getting the results and still writing the check. I guarantee, it gets personal then!

2. Do they have your vision? Not theirs! Our job is to make you successful with your vision. Now our approaches might be different then yours, that is where number one (above) is so important when it comes to trust. Denver Advertising will fulfill your vision successfully.

3. Is the agency out for you or them? It’s a business and yes, we need to make sure the bottom line is solid and we are not taken advantage of, but at Denver Advertising, we are here to serve you. We will be there with our swords drawn and swinging to win the battle of building your business.

4.  Is the creative fresh and well thought out?  Look there are many freelancers and one-man bands that have great ideas but have no clue how to fulfill them. We have over 19 years of helping businesses grow throughout the nation.  There is no sense in introducing campaigns that we can’t fulfill.

5.  Do they know Search Engine Marketing?  If not, stop what you are doing and pick up the phone and call us.  In today’s competitive market, your agency has to be a full service agency that can fulfill every aspect of your marketing and advertising including and especially THE INTERNET. This way you receive a comprehensive advertising and marketing approach that looks and operates congruently.

6. Are you growing?  At the end of the day, is your business growing?  Bottom line. We don’t care how great the campaign looks, how perfect the copy was or how well the navigation on your site functioned at the end of the day, did we build you more business?

Here is a list of ad agencies to compare. We hope you find the perfect agency to meet your needs and we hope it is us.

‘grey advertising’
‘Cactus Communications’
‘Information Design’
‘Creative Media’
‘Money Mailer’
‘Arrow Advertising’
‘Yellow Book’
‘Denver Advertising’
‘Professional Marketing’
‘Business Times’
‘Fast Track Marketing’
‘Gene Pool’
‘Allegra Print & Imaging’
‘Primary Objective’
‘Lamar Outdoor Advertising’
‘Allied Advertising’
‘Captivate Network’
‘Sterling-Rice Group’
‘Yellow Book USA’
‘Media Solutions’
‘Vanguard Communications’
‘Graham Advertising of Colorado’
‘Summit Graphics’
‘Wandel Press’
‘Hampden Press’
‘Concepts Unlimited’
‘Peak Creative Media’
‘Henry Gill Advertising’
‘McClain Finlon Advertising’
‘Network Affiliates’
‘Integer Group’
‘Black Diamond Concepts’
‘Hanson Group’
‘Cactus Marketing Communications’
‘Sears Portrait Studio’
‘Crispin Porter & Bogusky’
‘leopard communications’
‘Morning Falls’
‘Lorem Ipsum’
‘Media Team’
‘Magna Group’
‘Signature Advertising’
‘Insight Marketing’
‘First Movement’
‘CBS Outdoor’
‘All Over Media’
‘Porter Industries Inc’
‘leopard communications inc’
‘leopard communication’
‘Factory Design’
‘Network Affiliates Inc.’
‘Lighthouse Printing’
‘Thayer Media’
‘O’Brien Advertising’
‘SC Advertising’
‘Amelie Company’
‘factory advertising denver’
‘juice advertising denver’
‘Rck Advertising’
‘Ultimax Advertising’
‘Cultivator Advertising’
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‘Winter Advertising Group’
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‘Bayard Advertising Agency Inc.’
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Passion….Did you loose it somewhere? After having some smoked ribs cooked on my Pink Traeger Pig, along with some freshly squeezed tangerine margaritas, my wife decided to show our guests some Josh Groben since they liked amazing vocalists. While enjoying the night, along came a violinist that started a very dramatic solo. At first I was entertained, in the end I was moved. It made me think, am I living with passion. Life is too short not too. Let me challenge you. Do you see the commitment and passion this woman has while playing. I challenge you and myself for 2010 to pursue at least one thing with this much passion. When is the last time you ran with the your shoes off in the snow so your toes just about go numb. When is the last time you took your $40,000 SUV and really went off-roadin’. Find something. Heck, challenge yourself to sit and listen for God’s voice and don’t get up until you hear him speak something into your soul. God gave us such a wonderful world to live in and enjoy. Are you livin’ or are you just survivin’?. Yes, the pink pig does it,  if you’re into digitally controlled convection wood pellet smokers, but what about other areas of my life.

Have  I settled? Have I accepted middle age………….NEVER!!!!!!!!!

Mike Lash

Denver Advertising

Head chef – chief dish washer

Let this move ya.

Denver Advertising Agencies

At Denver Advertising, we believe there are many qualified Denver advertising agencies to choose from. What is the most important when choosing an advertising agency? We believe at Denver Advertising, that you choose an agency that you can trust and communicate with. Yes it’s very important how the agency plans on increasing your business, but if you can’t communicate with the agency or you don’t trust them, then how they grow your business is irrelevant.

For over 19 years, Denver Advertising has been helping grow businesses in Denver, Colorado and throughout the nation. We would love to earn your trust.

Paper still remains to be one of the most visible and enduring medium for communication today. Even though a lot of populace now prefers surfing through the net or the television to find the perfect service and product providers, maximum amounts of people still choose paper and print advertising over other media.

We offer a wide variety of print advertising design services including: Package, Brochure, Logo, Trade Show, Billboard, Sign design and Corporate Identity design. We encourage you to view our Portolfio Page for examples of “The Goods” from Denver Advertising.

CHICAGO (AdAge.com) — There’s still nothing like the real thing. Or so say food marketers looking to stand out in the mass-produced herd. What really is “real” could eventually be for the government to determine. In the meantime, real people drink Caribou, real dogs eat Alpo, real sandwiches have Hellmann’s and Canada Dry ginger ale is made with real ginger. Don’t bother taking notes, because Wendy’s says “You know when it’s real” anyway.

Advertised “real” foods, products, services and even experiences aren’t new, but they’re on the rise. Beef as “real food for real people” is an artifact of the 1980s. Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise launched the “It’s time for real” campaign in 2007, from creative agency Ogilvy & Mather, New York. But as consumers become increasingly conscientious about what’s in their food, marketers are working to portray their products as minimally processed, and a handful of “real” campaigns have been launched in recent months.

“To some consumers, ‘real and natural’ translates to better than ‘processed’ or ‘not real’,” said Darren Tristano, executive VP-Technomic, a Chicago food-industry consultancy. “That’s what they’re trying to appeal to. That consumer wants things that are natural, and, in a way, that translates into ‘homemade,’ and other words that imply the same thing.”

Canada Dry’s campaign from JWT, Toronto, extols the use of “real ginger,” in contrast to its competitors. Wendy’s campaign from agency Kaplan Thaler Group focuses on the chain’s use of fresh rather than frozen meat, comparing competitors’ burgers to hockey pucks. Caribou Coffee launched its first TV campaign, from agency Colle & McVoy, this fall. The chain promise “real” chocolate in its mochas, and pokes fun at Starbucks’ clientele, by way of plastic dolls that don’t patronize Caribou because, they say, “We’re not real.”

These tactics shouldn’t be surprising, as the food industry has been rocked with a series of recalls in nuts, and increasing skepticism about how meat and dairy are treated on the way to the grocery store. Using the word “real,” Mr. Tristano said, appeals to consumers interested in free-range and natural products, while sidestepping certifications associated with regulated terms such as “organic.”

But today’s loophole could be tomorrow’s regulation, said Supermarket Guru’s Phil Lempert. “Do I think [‘real’ is] powerful? Yes,” he said. “Do I think that the next phase is the government will actually take a look and try to clarify what should be real and what shouldn’t be real? Yes.” Mr. Lempert added that the Obama administration is “much more aggressive than we’ve seen in a long time,” and the more marketers that use “real” to circumnavigate regulation, “it’s more likely the government will step in.”

Mike Lash from Denver Advertising on Bike

Mike Lash from Denver Advertising on Bike

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Branding and Advertising are two thing that most of the clients need help with when coming to
Denver Advertising – rated in the Top 25 Advertising Agency in Denver, Colorado. 90% of the time, we find their brand message to be confusing. It is so important that your brand message is congruent with who you are.
At Denver Advertising we work hard to make sure your brand communicates who and what you are, while lining up with the owners vision.
To view a list of our services, visit the “What We Do” page – or hover on the top navigation button for a drop-down of specific services to appear. We also have “The Goods Portfolio” which includes Corporate Identity, Signage, Brochures, Packaging, Logos and Branding work done by the Denver Advertising team.
Mike Lash, from Denver Advertising, at Red Rocks

A Census Campaign That Speaks in Many Tongues

Published: January 13, 2010

A campaign to encourage participation in the 2010 census reflects many of the major changes since the last census in the population that is to be counted. For one thing, the advertising, marketing and promotional efforts, to be described at a news conference on Thursday, are being produced in 28 languages – the most ever, according to the executives responsible for the census. By comparison, a campaign to encourage Americans to take part in the 2000 census was done in 17 languages.

“There’s more sensitivity to language subgroups, cultural subgroups,” said Robert M. Groves, director of the United States Census Bureau at the Commerce Department.

Among the languages being added are Armenian, Farsi, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Urdu and Yiddish, while Chinese is being divided into Cantonese and Mandarin. They will be used in ads along with English, Spanish and tongues like Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese.
Another big difference from a decade ago is that the campaign will run in many media outlets that did not exist in 2000, among them Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube, along with a blog by Mr. Groves. That is in response to the profound changes in the last 10 years in media usage.
The ads in the new media will join ads in traditional media, among them television, radio, magazines, newspapers and billboards. There will also be unconventional elements like a Nascar sponsorship and a cross-country road tour of vehicles containing census exhibits, led by a 46-foot trailer.

A third change from the 2000 campaign is evident in the tone of the new initiative. Then, ads carried this theme: “It’s your future. Don’t leave it blank.” By contrast, the new campaign takes a more empowering tack with themes like “It’s in your hands” and “We can’t move forward until you mail it back.”

Research among consumers indicated “a fundamental shift in attitude toward government and themselves” in the last decade, said Jeff Tarakajian, executive vice president for client services at the New York office of DraftFCB, a part of the Interpublic Group of Companies and the lead agency on the campaign.

Respondents said they now “felt more of a sense of ‘I need to be my own master.’ ” Mr. Tarakajian said. “And what came out of that was the idea that ‘It’s our census, it’s up to me, my community, to make sure the census works.’ “

Another difference is in the cost of the campaigns. For the 2000 census – the first with a budget for paid ads, rather than relying on the media to donate time and space – the Commerce Department spent an estimated $100 million to $150 million. Ten years later, the budget has grown to $340 million.

The bigger budget will help the campaign appear during TV coverage of big events like the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.

“It’s important to have broad messaging” to suggest the scope of the census, said Michael Simons, chief creative officer at DraftFCB New York, as well as to run more focused ads.

“Some themes run through all the ads,” Mr. Simons said, among them “the call to action to take part in the census” and how the form is composed of 10 questions.

In other instances, ads are being tailored to resonate with target audiences. For example, a print ad by GlobalHue aimed at African-Americans, which features the former basketball star Dikembe Mutombo, declares: “Better health care, schools and roads are all within our reach. If we each just take 10 minutes to answer 10 simple questions, we can help determine how $400 billion per year in federal funds will be dispersed in our communities.”

And many ads aimed at Hispanics include children to signal that “it’s critical people participate because this will bring our children a better future,” said Luciana Gomez, vice president and group account director at the Latino division of GlobalHue.

Another change from 2000 is that the census is trying to steer clear of a polarized political climate that has prompted at least one elected official to suggest that respondents should send a message of protest by answering only one of the questions.

Staying clear of politics may prove difficult, however, as evidenced by a report about the campaign this week in a new blog from Tucker Carlson, the Daily Caller (dailycaller.com). The headline dismissed the campaign as “$340 million in tote bags, snacks and tailgate parties” and described the road tour as “driving around the country and hanging out with football fans.”

And there have been complaints about posters, independent of the official census campaign, created and distributed to churches by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. The posters invoked the Gospel of Luke by declaring: “This is how Jesus was born. Joseph and Mary participated in the census.” Another organization, the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, deemed the posters blasphemous.

“There will always be sensitivity on a number of different issues when there’s a request for personal information,” said Damien Reid, vice president and account director at GlobalHue. “The best way to combat that is total transparency, to be as clear as possible.”

To that end, the blog written by Mr. Groves, the census director, includes posts with headlines like “Misinformation About the Census” and “Why Is the Census Mandatory?”

Asked about the potential for controversy, Mr. Groves replied: “You can’t predict what it will be. That it will happen is certain. Good things may happen, too.”

In addition to DraftFCB and GlobalHue, there are more than a dozen other agencies working on the campaign. Among them are five others owned by Interpublic, including the IW Group, for ads aimed at Asian-Americans, and Jack Morton Worldwide, for the road tour and other events.

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With today’s availability to computers, just about anyone thinks they have an eye for design – what works and what doesn’t. Just like we can all run. While we agree that everyone has something to contribute, we at Denver Advertising have had years and years of experience with what actually works, and what doesn’t.

Our team of highly-experienced and trained graphic design professionals can create Advertising Design concepts that sells and promotes your business. After 18 years of experience, winning awards and receiving high praise around Denver, Colorado, we have continued to increase our knowledge and expectations to create modern advertising and branding that works.

This is a constantly-changing industry. What worked five years ago may no longer work in today’s highly-competitive world. When looking to take your business to the next level, be sure to do research and go with the company that proves to be on top of change – a company that can make your brand stay around for years and years to come…

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Welcome to Denver Advertising, an advertising agency in Denver, Colorado for over 19 years. Denver Advertising has recently been ranked as one of the top 25 largest advertising agencies in Denver by the Denver Business Journal. We’d like to thank you for visiting our site and hope you find the solutions to your creative and marketing issues with us.

Denver Advertising has been helping businesses grow throughout Colorado and nationwide. We are not just another Denver marketing agency or vendor. We want to join your team and help you grow and promote your business. With each job we bring innovation and compassion to the table. Understanding our client’s needs and translating them into incredible art and increased sales is what we do best.

We have a deep desire for this industry and constantly are striving to offer the very best to our Denver clients not only with advertising or marketing but also with our customer service. We hope that you will allow us the chance to get to know you and your company to see what possibilities lay ahead. For the very best advertising and marketing agency in Denver, Colorado look no further than DenverAdvertising.com or, call us at 303.716.7800 and we’ll talk about bringing YOU more business.

Having a passion for this industry and the work we do sets us apart from the pack. We hope that we can be of service to you and your company, and have the opportunity to help you grow your business.

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